Codes - Updated on August 29, 2022

Okey Plus – place records in rows, gradually getting rid of them, become the first player to get rid of all the records.

List of Gift CodesExpiration date
VKHQOS59CGIOctober 1, 2022
5FUQPJERNAAugust 24, 2022
J41E80QZ9October 6, 2022
AP109XZ8FHCOctober 14, 2022
L52Q9160YARJOctober 1, 2022
C4VWK1NB2LXSeptember 22, 2022

A wonderful online game based on the classic rammikub game that came to us from Turkey. Its rules are extremely simple – you must consistently get rid of the available cards until there is not a single card left in the deck. Then the player who was the first to be left without cards is considered the winner. This game can be played by up to four players at the same time. As with any game, there are low, medium and high level players. You can improve your skills with players of your level. If you are not considering the online option yet, then you can play a game with the system. You can also start playing right now by joining a random game table. During the game, there is a pleasant musical accompaniment, allowing you to focus on the process.

Download ( V8.2.1 )
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