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Blizzard presented the first quarterly development report Diablo IV in 2022. It is dedicated to the environment of Sanctuary, both from a technical and artistic point of view.

Gamers will be able to visit five regions, where more than 150 dungeons are located. When creating a game world, developers are guided by two principles:

  • The “Old Masters” is a principle that helps creators view a game through the lens of the work of classical artists such as Rembrandt and use their techniques: calculated detail, tonal range, and virtuoso use of color.

  • “Return to Darkness” is a common thread across all elements of the game from dungeons to lighting. She embodies the idea that Sanctuary is a dangerous, gloomy and gothic world of the Middle Ages.

Besides, Blizzard takes into account the features of the isometric camera. If necessary, developers add or remove some details to increase the visibility of what is happening in the game space or emphasize any graphic elements.

Below are descriptions of six zones that demonstrate the approach to creating Sanctuary.

Bank of Skosglen

When designing the Skosglen Shore, the environment art team sought to capture the image of wild coastlines and untamed headlands. Traveling to the coast from the depths of the mainland, you will notice the first signs of the coastal biome – tall grass that reacts to the blows of the sea wind. Uncomfortable beaches are littered with algae and rotting corpses. Rocky cliffs rise above the water, from which capes are carved by continuous waves. When designing the game’s biomes, the environment art team wanted to convey, first and foremost, that dangers await you at every turn along this coastline.

Orbey Monastery

The Orbey Monastery is an isolated and remote landmark in the depths of the Dry Steppes. Although the influence of the Zakarum has waned, the Orbey Monastery serves as proof that not everyone has left this religion yet. To work with the Dry Steppes, full of waterless plains, we took the idea of ​​dusty meadows with sparse vegetation as a basis. We deliberately added dark rocks to complement the pale and rusty hues of the grass. Poplars and saxauls, which cling to the ground with their roots, help to create a parallax effect on the screen, increasing the depth of the image due to the fact that objects near move faster than those seen in the distance.


First of all, we tried to give Kiovoshad the oppressive atmosphere of a frozen and harsh medieval settlement. But we also wanted to emphasize that it serves as a refuge for all who dwell within its walls. This is a military settlement, so we must immediately emphasize that it is well protected. We decided that it would be worth gradually increasing the number of small defensive structures as we approached the settlement. So the player will be able to understand that something important awaits him ahead. When you reach the gate, you will see in front of you the sheer stone walls erected around the perimeter of the city, and a deep, like a cave, moat that keeps intruders out.

Forgotten places of the world

This type of scenery exemplifies our “return to darkness” principle. We want to invite you to a deep dungeon in one of the most secluded corners of Sanctuary, where a mysterious and disgusting corruption has taken root. This ancient temple is great for developing the theme of primal horror.

Vile Caves

The next dungeon is a secret druid resting place that has been taken over by demons. As you travel through the dungeon, you will see many items of Druid culture, such as talismans and amulets. We put many of these items on a layer that can be turned on or off depending on the theme of the dungeon.

flooded depths

In the last video, we will demonstrate the combination of two types of scenery. The first floor of this ruined fortress was well preserved in dryness, but going down into the depths of the dungeon, you will see that due to the endless floods, the lower levels were completely destroyed. Now, deep within these swampy ruins, the drowned have fortified themselves. Fight your way through their ranks and use the rope to get into the next part of the dungeon-filled ruins.

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