News - Updated on April 28, 2022

Today, April 27, came out The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe – Expanded edition of the game that plays you (official description!). But you should not play it if you want to honestly open one of the achievements – at least 10 years from today.

Those familiar with the original “The Parable of Stanley” may recognize this “achievement”. Only there it was necessary not to launch the game for five years, and in the updated version – all 10.

True, as before, it is not necessary to wait so long – just change the system time or use the program to unlock achievements on Steam. Therefore, at the time of writing the news, 0.6% of the players in the store had already received the “achievement” valve.

Most of the achievements have remained the same, while others have been replaced with new ones. The total number of “achievements” has grown from 10 to 11 – the full list is hidden under the spoiler below.

  • “Your First Achievement” – awarded for the first achievement, whatever it is.

  • “Clear the game” – complete The Stanley Parable.

  • “Welcome back!” – Log out of the game and then log back in.

  • “You can’t jump” – seriously, we turned off jumping.

  • “Press door 430 five times” – press door 430 five times.

  • “Settings World Champion” – move the settings sliders in the menu to all possible values.

  • “Test achievement, do not touch” – a description of the test achievement! Replace!

  • “8888888888888888” – 8888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888.

  • “Speedy” – Complete The Stanley Parable in less than 4 minutes 22 seconds (excluding download time).

  • “Break so break” – do not play The Stanley Parable ten years.

  • Diligence – play The Stanley Parable all Tuesday.

Recall the main character The Stanley Parable — Stanley’s office worker. His colleagues have mysteriously disappeared, so he sets off in search of answers.

You will play as Stanley and you will not play as Stanley. You will make a choice and you will be deprived of a choice. The game will end, but it will never end. Here paradox is built on paradox, and the rules of the game are changed and broken again and again. You can’t win here. The Stanley Parable is the game that plays in you.

Everything that was in Stanley Parable 2013, remained in place. At the same time, the reissue has more materials, choices and secrets. The game has also become prettier and has gained accessibility features, including a color blind mode and warnings about potentially unpleasant scenes.

The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe available on PC (Steam), PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. For the first two weeks after release, owners of the original can buy the game at a 33% discount.

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