Game Mobile - Updated on April 9, 2022

Onigiri HEROES will explore a one-of-a-kind fantasy storyline in a Japanese atmosphere. Simulated many features like cherry blossom country. Customers will feel the atmosphere of worldwide regions abroad is exactly on their mobile device. With skyscrapers built into the design. Combined with that can be a sequence of special characters. Passionate gamers are guaranteed to have unforgettable flashbacks.

Play as warriors inside giant Onigiri HEROES. Going to famous areas we’ve only heard of in Japan. For example, familiar areas: Kyoto and Edo, etc. This is usually a place for buyers to get creative. Create joy with the boldest victories. Be with the person you consider the most opportunistic basically.

Onigiri HEROES

Good management

Because of this, it is a game that follows the path of modernized role-playing. So the specific person can handle the character with the help of the system. Change inside the route you want with the cursor in one simple operation. Mastering this useful operation will be very useful for avid gamers. For example, inside the transfer case to identify on a cheap place. Or situations to dodge enemy attacks.

Game Union

In case you are feeling too bored in experiencing a character. The clever combination of the system made the potential customers very happy. That is, gamers who are passionate about Onigiri HEROES can accompany famous super-soldiers. For example, must mention: Ifrit and Gargoyle or many alternate characters. Everyone has unique traits that you’re tired of hunting down. Instant profit from the super soldier you want.

Weapon Selection

Each character has a very unique potential to use completely different combat weapons. That’s why they started with different struggle equipment. Launched a model with the ability to change new and complete weapons. With the feature of holding luxurious and extremely effective equipment in hand. Buy unusual equipment to boost your confidence. Onigiri HEROES possesses 8 completely different weapons prepared with the intention of once again backpacking you.

Download ( V1.6.0 )
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