News - Updated on March 28, 2022

Recently Ubisoft announced the launch of the insider program Skull & Bones. Now the turn has come to the next stage of testing the online shooter XDefiant — or rather, before the insider sessions.

During these sessions, select PC users will be able to play alongside (or against) the developers to test key features XDefiant.

In addition, factions from non-universe games will be featured. Tom Clancy’s. By the way, that’s why the action movie is now called simply XDefiant.

Invitations have already begun to be sent out to some of those who have registered here. Gradually, more and more players will be allowed to test, including from consoles, but don’t expect a breakthrough of gameplay videos – there is a non-disclosure agreement.

Russia is not on the list of participating countries.

Recall XDefiant is something like Call of Duty, only shareware and with an emphasis on team battles. Tom Clancy’s legacy was originally expressed in terms of factions from Ghost Recon, The Division And Splinter Cell. Makes the game studio Ubisoft San Franciscoresponsible for Rocksmith And South Park: The Fractured But Whole. The release date is still not named.

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