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Do you dream of getting a job as a football manager? Online Soccer Manager will help you realize your dream in the virtual world. Enjoy the app’s realistic 3D graphics and truly awesome gaming experience. An intuitive interface will help you not to waste time learning the rules of the game process management, but immediately start playing. Online Soccer Manager is one of the best virtual game managers that has been highly acclaimed by over 5 million users around the world.

Online Soccer Manager: OSM Gift Codes (2022 December)
List of Gift Codes Expiration date
LIBWE37UFG0 July 14, 2022
0HMWIDT4ZS August 30, 2022
W3FL07Y4B July 10, 2022
9OZS025KD8T August 31, 2022
014S7DPQNIFB July 28, 2022
SBGKVT5287P July 10, 2022

You will become the head of your favorite team and bring it to the world leaders. Acquire promising players, engage in profitable resale. Train your team. Monitor the condition of the football field. Protest illegal disqualifications of team members. Every time check the parameters of your team, arrange matches with other players. Find weaknesses and work on improving performance. Play with friends and arrange friendly matches. Make your team champions and choose a new team to work on next season. Work in different clubs, learn new knowledge and gain managerial experience.

Become the best football manager. Install Online Soccer Manager on your mobile device and immerse yourself in an exciting gameplay with a lot of interesting features.

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