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Open Heart Surgery Doctor Game is a brand new doctor simulator with many patients and realistic surgeries. Here are collected the most modern medical instruments that can save lives even in particularly difficult situations. You will have to quickly make life-changing decisions for some patients, which is sometimes not easy at all. Train more and you will learn how to save lives just like a real doctor and learn a lot of new things in the field of medicine.

Open Heart Surgery Doctor Game
 Codes  (2022 December) 3.1.53
All Codes Expiration date
K8JBGY7D30M November 10, 2022
Y52L1WDXH4 October 28, 2022
EVG07M1ST October 29, 2022
95U28LKJWMS November 17, 2022
KU7VR410TYJL October 10, 2022
0X2KWDG8CVB November 25, 2022
CG4U08FEHOJ October 27, 2022
FTWH27NMXO October 5, 2022
NPFRI5HUA November 5, 2022
PEWR7NHO42M October 16, 2022
91FI2PYVWO68 October 16, 2022
RESBUTDKNO2 November 19, 2022

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