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Operate Now: Hospital is not only an opportunity to delve deeper into medicine and discover something new for yourself, but also an interesting plot, reminiscent of the series about doctors appearing. more and more on TV screens. So you can feel like a character from such a series has reached the hospital walls right behind the medical institute.

Operate Now Hospital  MOD APK (Free Download) 1.41.6

You have many days ahead of you, during which you will treat patients and advance your expertise, assemble a team of like-minded people and, after assuming leadership positions, bring the medical facility to life. your economy to the highest level. But your main task in Operate Now: Hospital for android will be to perform many different operations.

Thanks to the efforts of the authors and great graphics, they look quite realistic. At the same time, they are simplified as much as possible, which will allow both adults and children to “become” a surgeon. Each player will be able to quickly figure out what and how to save the health and lives of patients. As for diseases, their spectrum is huge.

As the head of the hospital, you will have to purchase equipment, monitor the status of the departments, hire staff and control the treatment of patients. You will receive funds to ensure the “economic” side of the matter for the operations to complete successfully. Their source will be a mod that makes a lot of money. A relaxing soundtrack will help the player tune into the right wave.

Game features:
• high quality graphics;
• great sound design;
• many interesting quests;
• the opportunity to try yourself as a surgeon and manager.

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