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Operation: New Earth is a bright fantasy strategy for mobile gadgets, where you will act as a commander of a military base while protecting our planet from an alien invasion. Learn new technologies, collect rare resources, improve defenses and do everything to prevent aliens from capturing the base. Team up with other defenders of humanity to repel the enemy together and free the galaxy.
Game Features:

Operation: New Earth
 Gift Codes 2022 November 12.0.6
All Codes Expiration date
WMKDOJ052SB November 26, 2022
QPDZV7RULF November 23, 2022
JKMF84LRX January 4, 2023
F80WDNL6TOG November 29, 2022
9B05UQMG7NOA December 19, 2022
20O8T54RYWZ January 19, 2023
YIK0C6LG743 December 17, 2022
MOJF1PRI6A December 7, 2022
CI8Z149OT January 15, 2023
GN3QIBUE6HF December 28, 2022
IKUBPVZ4HA27 December 23, 2022
D9HQAFBL0YR November 28, 2022
  • an exciting system of pumping heroes;
  • large-scale battles;
  • advanced technology tree;
  • wide scope for strategic planning;
  • great graphics.

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