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Run away, people. Or be patient – the autumn depression caught up with me, and, perhaps, I will repeat myself. As in the recent review of Behind the Frame, I will say this: games are different; some are for entertainment and fun, others are for training memory, brains or fine motor skills. And there are games for the soul. Here is OPUS: Echo of Starsong – one of them: an amazing, emotional, sad and beautiful mixture of visual novel, quest, resource management and pumping the ship on which He and She travel through space and listen to the songs of the stars.


About the songs of the stars – this is not a metaphor or a figure of speech. In the world of Echo of Starsong, people are on the hunt for a rare and valuable substance known as the Lumen, which comes from an ancient alien civilization and is found in the mines and among the ruins on asteroids. Possession of it leads to power and wealth, so huge wars were organized because of the lumen – there are many factions, states, clans, private companies, pirates, smugglers, and everyone needs a lumen. But how to find such mines in the vast asteroid belt?

OPUS: Echo of Starsong: Обзор

The game has an unusual graphic style, and the setting too – there are talking and smoking capybaras.

Therefore, an important role is played by “witches” – girls, girls and women who have natural gifts and have undergone special training, are able to capture the sounds and melodies that asteroids full of lumen emit. The witches sing in response, it all resonates and is recorded – then the “star melody” is given to the runners who directly explore the asteroids. With the help of a recording, if you choose the right one, you can manipulate matter, open ancient doors and interact with mechanisms.

OPUS: Echo of Starsong: Обзор

Now the witch will sing.

As you may have guessed, He is a runner and She is a witch. His name is Jun (Jun), he is a representative of one of the most influential clans on his home planet, from where, however, he was expelled after the clan lost several asteroids with lumen through the fault of Jun. Now he, along with his devoted guard Kay, is looking for a way to regain his honest name, and the clan – valuable asteroids.

OPUS: Echo of Starsong: Обзор

Kei here looks like a kind of samurai in the service of a young master.

The girl’s name is Eda (Eda), and she is also rejected by her own. Together with the pilot and her closest friend, Remy (also a kind of bodyguard), she is looking for lumen asteroids, but not for power and wealth, but to get on the trail of her mentor, who went on a big expedition and did not return.

OPUS: Echo of Starsong: Обзор

Their first meeting.

Through tears to the stars

The paths of the main characters crossed when, due to an unscrupulous merchant who sold a fake star melody, both Jun with a guard and Eda were captured by smugglers on one of the asteroids. From there they fled together, then a reward was appointed for their heads. They, of course, began to work together to eventually reveal a very important and ancient secret in the depths of space.

But do not think that this is a dashing, adrenaline-filled space adventure with a love affair. Yes, there are a lot of events here: killers and pirates are hunting for our heroes, Jun and Eda can accidentally blow up an asteroid and end up in outer space, then internal passions begin – they are trying to quarrel, and Remy frankly dislikes Jun.

OPUS: Echo of Starsong: Обзор

Together, the heroes will go through a lot.

But above all, it is a very sad story, full of tears, drama, music and poetry, which is actually told to us by the already old Jun before his death. Many years later, he again came to the place where they spent time with Eda, to remember and perhaps hear again her beautiful voice, which she sang among the stars.

OPUS: Echo of Starsong: Обзор

Even when loading a save, we first see the old Jun.

Actually, a lot of it is based on memories. After all, at first, neither we really know anything about the heroes, nor they know about each other. Therefore, events in the present are constantly interspersed with flashbacks telling about the difficult childhood of the characters.

OPUS: Echo of Starsong: Обзор

The memories are all black and white and very stylish.

And after all this, barely surviving an asteroid explosion, Jun and Eda can sit side by side, look at the stars (or at the glow of the lumen), make promises to each other and talk about flowers – that’s why I said about what is in this story poetry.

And, of course, great music and Eda’s voice, with which she performs star melodies, play a huge role in creating the atmosphere – it is really very beautiful and sincere. By God, listening to this, especially in the finale, I want to let the stingy male …

OPUS: Echo of Starsong: Обзор

Where is my handkerchief?

There is gameplay, and it does not interfere

All this, of course, immediately catches and leaves no one indifferent, especially since the authors worked out the setting of OPUS: Echo of Starsong in surprising detail and in an interesting way, inventing a bunch of factions for it, their own religion, and so on. As a result, you just sit, watch, read and listen, as if spellbound. That is why I said about the visual novel – it is not traditional in the anime style, but its own, unique (although with an anime flavor, of course). You can also compare it with an interactive animated film.

In any case, it is the plot, the atmosphere, the characters and their relationships that are the soloist here. But there is also gameplay. Firstly, while exploring asteroids, we solve simple puzzles when we need to open a door or interact with mechanisms that pump lumen. To do this, select and activate the star melody, and then select the lines correctly.

This is how it looks.

Approximately according to the same principle, Eda writes down melodies. Moreover, here and there it is possible and necessary to focus on the sounds and music, which either subside, then grow and pour into a song when we follow the right direction.

You can’t listen, but you need to.

It’s hard to lose here, but everything is done beautifully and atmospherically. In addition, there are dynamic scenes when, for example, Jun needs to run away from enemies and open doors on the go, using star songs, and tension arises here.

Secondly, Jun, Eda and Remi travel among asteroids, trade and other stations on their ship, but not for free – fuel is spent on flights.

OPUS: Echo of Starsong: Обзор

First you need to scan to get the coordinates of the destination.

In addition, in the process they may meet pirates, bounty hunters, merchants. Or, for example, someone will ask Eda to sing on the radio or help with a movie about witches. Each time we decide what to do – you can, for example, try to deceive the pirates by impersonating others. Success depends on the roll of the die. If you are not lucky, then they will shoot at the ship, and it will lose part of the skin.

OPUS: Echo of Starsong: Обзор

Gradually, we will increase our chances when rolling the die.

Stocks of fuel and armor are allowed to be restored at stations for money. And we earn them by selling the materials found during our travels. At any time, if there is enough fuel, you are free to go to one of the points on the star map and look for something valuable there. True, researcher sets are spent on this, and they are also not infinite. The maximum volume of these sets, as well as fuel, armor, radar and scanner range, will be increased when we collect the necessary resources and Remy will report that the ship is ready for an upgrade.

OPUS: Echo of Starsong: Обзор

You can move fast enough.

Neither in space nor on asteroids does the game pose difficult tasks for us, and the authors did not have such a goal. The story comes first, and these light, relaxed elements of the quest and resource management are designed to dilute what is happening. Another thing is that I would like more variety in the same puzzles that are constantly repeated.

OPUS: Echo of Starsong: Обзор

The space here is also beautiful and stylish.

Once again I am convinced that in the basements of Steam you can find a small (or even large) masterpiece. And in the case of OPUS: Echo of Starsong, you can’t say that this is an uncut diamond – everything here is completely cut, dancing and working. Absolutely gorgeous plot, characters, atmosphere, music and voice, breaking through emotions and tears, are complemented by gameplay designed to diversify what is happening without distracting from the story itself. As a result, we got a game as sad and beautiful as the starry sky at the beginning of autumn.

Pros: fascinating and emotional plot; both the setting itself and the characters are well developed; not straining, but tangible gameplay that complements the main course – the plot; the game looks stylish; incomparable soundtrack; beautiful and soulful voice of the heroine.

Cons: gameplay, in particular puzzles, lacks variety; no Russian.

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