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January 20, 2020


Today it is fashionable to make games in the spirit of different decades – the 50s, 60s, 70s and especially the 80s. But the authors of the JRPG Orangeblood decided to plunge us into the atmosphere of the 90s. Apparently, therefore, one of the four main characters is a DJ and never parted with her boombox – almost like the hero of Disco Elysium. Only, unlike him, these clockwork girls prefer the powerful cry of a weapon to the power of the word, since there is definitely no shortage with it.

The dashing 90s

So, the action of Orangeblood takes place in Japan, on the man-made island of New Kosa near Okinawa. The authors themselves describe it as “a place where debauchery and exoticism have long become more familiar than ever.” Indeed, New Goat resembles a kind of pirate freemen, full of colorful personalities and criminals of all stripes.

The developers tell an alternative story in which even at the end of the 90s, the tough confrontation between the largest superpowers did not end. Therefore, the CIA and the KGB are constantly mentioned here. And our heroines, typical dressed-up anime girls, are either mercenaries, or spies, and even double agents – at the beginning it was specially done so that nothing is really clear, but this only makes it more interesting.

Nyashki, dogs and robots

In any case, they have to complete various tasks for money, but first they need to recapture their favorite club from the bandits, which will become the base for the girls – they can sleep there, save themselves, and from there they will drive their car to different parts of the island. In the process, that same “DJ” with a boombox, of course, gets up to the console and cuts the music to the fullest.

This is the whole Orangeblood – a combination of peppy music, drive, cute, but at the same time lively girls with machine guns at the ready, aggressive robots and cute dogs, one of which can be found on the streets of the city, bring to your club and be called by any name. In general, a vigorous hodgepodge typical of many Japanese games – especially considering that they are allowed to visit eateries at any time in order to buy lunches bought there (first pay, then take food and sit down at a table!) To correct a girl’s health that has been shaken in battles.

Orangeblood game review

English is still supported here, but Russian is not.

There are many other places besides eateries, including a gun shop and even a black market in the subway. On our car, I repeat, we are free to travel to any accessible point of the island at any time. True, at first you will have to pay a rather big amount for the car. But you can also get a discount if you complete a side task and teach a lesson to one man hiding somewhere in the doorways. In the process, it turns out that he stole a cool “+6 to strength” item from our customer in an online game – everything is in order with the authors’ humor.

A girl’s best friend is a rifle!

The gameplay itself is also typical for JRPGs – we explore the territory, save keys to open chests, complete tasks, participate in turn-based brawls and clear multi-level “dungeons”, where some huge robot boss awaits at the end. Plus, of course, we grind a lot to defeat especially strong enemies. The characteristics of the heroines are automatically upgraded as they gain levels, but it’s better to choose the equipment personally, although there is an auto-equipment function here too – there are a lot of items, each has unique characteristics that also affect each other. For example, if you chose an automatic rifle for a girl, then it makes sense to put on shoes or armor on her, which just give a bonus to damage from rifles.

In general, each type of weapon, as a rule, has its own interesting effects – one shotgun sets fire to opponents, another with a certain probability immobilizes and weakens them for a while, the third can deal double damage, but at the same time immobilize the shooter himself. There is even a berserker machine, taking which your ward will get out of control and will decide for herself who and how to attack. The probability of triggering one or another effect (as well as hitting) is determined randomly – in one turn you can miss everyone, and in another time “catch” everyone. On the one hand, it’s not entirely fair, on the other, there is intrigue and the need to constantly be on the alert.

Orangeblood game review

There are many places where you can look in between important tasks.

About the benefits of savings

At first, only two heroines are available, then two more girlfriends join them. Each has its own role in the battle. One, for example, deftly shoots with pistols and machine guns, the other is a kung fu master and deftly scatters enemies in close combat, the third is ideal for supporting allies.

The mechanics of the battles themselves are quite simple and do not flaunt particularly fancy mechanics, in which you can’t figure it out without Japanese and a bottle of vodka. But even here there are some highlights. It is very important to correctly use the skills of the characters, which often allow you to destroy almost all opponents in one move. At the same time, the energy for their use (SP) is accumulated right in battle, as damage is dealt. There is practically no other way to restore it – after the victory, it is important to shoot at another enemy approaching you in time, immobilize him and initiate the battle yourself, because in this case the accumulated SP will be saved for a new fight, and not reset.

Some battles cannot be won on the move.


Orangeblood doesn’t offer exciting new mechanics, but overall it’s a fun and varied JRPG that focuses primarily on atmosphere, mood, unique surroundings, and charismatic heroines. Not everyone, of course, will like it, but if you are breathing unevenly towards “pixel” JRPGs, then it’s worth a try.

Pros: interesting plot; non-trivial surroundings; colorful heroines; unique atmosphere with humor and references to the 90s; vigorous battles; bosses challenge; many types of equipment with interesting effects; free exploration of locations; nice picture and lively music that does not get bored, despite the constant repetitions.

Cons: technical flaws; there are practically no ideas and unusual mechanics.

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