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You are a reasonable lady who acquired an unknown mission. You may have crashlanded amid nowhere, and all communication is down. You will have to make your means out of this place overflowing with enemies with just one weapon. Be careful, as you may have to start early if you fail.

Strategically combine the randomly equipped experience to flee! Don’t hand it over! Check out your will and resilience to the fullest. Sports information is mechanically saved and loaded throughout the cloud storage space using shopper information when logging in.

OrderZero Mod APK 4.2.5 (Unlimited Money)

gameplay is great like the options for abilities they are unique you guys need to up percentage of epic and legendary/special drops tho .002% is not a good ratio lol. Love the game but the menus appear all screwy now and has made the game unplayable. Please fix this.. Lacks sound effects, and its too easy.. I don't get why people rate this game low. The game is very interesting with its replayability and upgrade system. More dedicated players will be satisfied accumulating power with all there is to invest in, and the developer is showing no signs of stopping with their updates (new weapons, new features, new abilities) that the effort is there to make this game worth a good play every now and again. Really looking forward to what will be coming in the next few months, this game has my support!. Thank you for ruining my progress for a Notification that tells me that it needs to be updated, but Google Play shows no Update button to tap to. I Uninstalled instead.. I gave it 3*. Roughly because it was heavily inspired by Archero.. and also fun to play. The difficult on passing every levels is horrendous. The ads to get freebies are horrible. Really nothing much on ambience.. the weapons are a banger tho - just wished this game was heavily marketed so we can see and share some of the builds.

Why I cannot play it?? It won't let me battle.... UI is still not fix after 26 Jan update. Game is unplayable. Galaxy z fold 3 / Tab 7. Will update stars after the bug fixed.. it would be much appreciated if you made a 'buy it all' button in the store section. Such a pain to go through and click all the buttons.. This is terrible. First time playing this game and I'm already stuck at the loading screen I mean what the hell is that? Is playing this game is too much for my phone even though this has a very good specs that I don't have any problem playing genshin on highest graphics or is it just that the game is the problem itself?. This game WAS fun until it became a money wall just like everything else on Google. The HORRIBLE auto aim (attacking things behind walls and obsticles instead of closest to you) makes later levels IMPOSSIBLE without money or without dying. This game is setup to get on your emotions and frustrate you into spending money. Can be fun if you can ignore that..

Can't even get into the game, says 100% complete but is just stuck on the loading screen after that.. What a terrible apps to begin with. Just download & run it but the apps is crashed. Just stuck on login. What a waste of space. Lol.. All of the sudden I can't go into battle after this update. Please fix this. Stuck at loading screen with "complete 100%" reinstalled it and still stuck. New update completely broke the game.

I couldn't even play the game. Stuck at the loading screen when it reaches 100%. the game is fun and easy, also the music is very very nice and lovely.. Fix the accuracy on shoot, it's very awful.. well required a bit more low graphic to prevent lag cutscenes. Over a years there are no improvement on performance which means the graphics is too much for dodging games. Especially whenever the monster has been summon it will be much so heavy..

Level design is horrible, so many dead ends. Target selection is quite bad, keeps shooting at a wall even though there is clearly a target in my line of sight when can be hit. Some monsters run as fast as the character, which is kinda lame. Character progression and graphics were pretty good.. really enjoyed the game. hope to see more event coming up. Great game, but for some reason, I can't get any sound while playing. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling as well as gone through all my phone and game audio settings. S22 Ultra. Will gladly give 5 stars for a fix.. Estaba vergon el juego metanle mas porno. Great game. Fun, replayable. No forced ads. Plenty of rewarding systems. Satisfying, addictive gameplay. Variety of weapons & upgrades making for interesting loadouts. Optional sexy costumes. I have fun every time I play it. Internet required..

Pretty nice, fun, but it lags a tad bunch. but pretty good notheless . stamina wont regen and most of free ads dont work. Nicex999 , can you fix the lag thingy. please so i can enjoy it more than a 101%. many to explore not a boring game. good game, just need free skins.

great graphics and expecting for more updates. Please fix the graphic designs on it I end up sometimes not be able to see my gunshots nor the effects they just don't want to load in along with the light of the character and not pop it up it doesn't even render anything in the music ends up stopping when being played. this game is very generous for f2p and for some reason I really can't watch ads that much. I actually want to watch the ads for rewards. Could you tell me why the cosmetics that I bought (the 9.99$) was taken away from my inventory just because I wasn't playing for like 2weeks.. G.M , you hate me or what , im not play this game for couple of months n request for updates, when im open , my battle suit/dual handgun/sniper have been reduced from legendary to epic , and why my lvl 10 difficult from 27 star become 0 look like never played that lvl . . every time i make comments, you just up all difficult, huh. . Maybe i shouldn't make a comment this game is easy. . Please fix this bug. ..

In the first ten pulls, your not even guaranteed an epic. It's all below rare quality. Also, when there is many mobs/monsters in the field it lags my phone. FYI: My phone is new and I've been only using it for a week. Watching ads will mute the sounds until you restart the game. The game really heavy, makes your phone hot on 60 fps. 30 fps mode feels choppy like it 10 fps or something. Oh also those optional ads in between stage for skills it's not really optional, you need it in later stage because this game get hard without it.. I love this game it's so fun and cool. Tabletler iin iyi olabilir ama telefonlar iin bence tam bir karmaa. Epilepsi krizine yol aabilir.. Edit : This game is becoming more unplayable when I can't even see the bullet, maybe because of boss cutscenes is turned on but after turned off, nothing happened. I still can't see the bullet. Even after increasing and decreasing the fps, nothing happened.q So, if you can solve this problem, maybe I will play this game back..

ads watching system is bad, you can't watch it to receive the reward.. I've been waiting for update event and more costume from this game~. Unique concept of a shoot-em-up that quickly loses interest and is plagued with immersion breaking optional ads that are not really optional. The game is monotonously repetitive and grindy and the roguelike system of perks is absolutely atrocious that should be changed to a deliberate choice of advancement. In one stage, you'll experience the whole game and have no reason to continue.. Never purchase anything on this game, I have bought the skin, but didn't receive it, good job devs by eating my money. Missions way too short, actual gameplay is constantly interrupted.

This game still runs poorly even on higher end equipment. The skills and hit boxes still respond badly or not at all for enemies at times. The added content seems solely focused on releasing silly skins for a sexualized character without any true quality content for the game. Best avoided. Not bad, but really needs more graphics options badly other than just reducing of framerate. Maps later are so chock full of enemies that everything slows to a crawl. Music is likewise extremely awful but it can be turned off. There's at least a way to "buy out" the ads and never have to watch any. Thanks for that.. it was fantastic game of my favorite anime girl. Total Complete, Fulfillment in Application of Occurred. Done, Over, Complete.. When I reinstalled the game once I got my new phone, I forgot to rewrite my review and just remembered about it. The game works fine now and I love it, although sometimes when I move it doesn't respond but that's rare to happen..

better version among the archero style games out there. Sadly, some maps can be extremely crammed with monster that its no longer possible to dodge. P2W game at the end. Ads are frequently unavailable. Crystal usage warning will be good to have. Tap outside to close window will make UX more friendly instead of having to hunt for x button.. Fun gameplay, ready to spend. Really discouraged by the ads. Too many ads and more than 5 times on count that the ads did not grant any reward. Really put off by it.. amazing i like it from Philippines and anime lover. Work on UI and some minor updates regarding gameplay. Enemy attack too fast vs other games,(like as - enemy chasing or running hit attack) dodging too hard like as first level player..

The gameplay is good. The character movement is a wee bit too stiff but the monsters movements are fluid af. P.S. the bgm is a little bit annoying and doesnt fit the stage somehow. Is a pretty good game the main problem for me is that the game goes mute after watching adds and must be restarted for me to have sound again. The game is great is so fun. more dynamic than most of this kind of games, but way too many ads... still enjoyable. So far so good. A bit hard but thats good.

Weird UI bug refuses to let me play anymore, the bottom of the main menu refuses to show up, and I can't start normal stages, regardless of hitting the battle button.. UNINSTALLED. Slow projectiles. Lots of obstacles within the room that doesn't even hinder flying bullets/projectiles from the enemies. Ice option doesn't even work well, especially against melee enemies - those wolf are too fast and you'll be jumped on the instant you enter the room. Constant playing ads on top or bottom of the screen plus lots of ads while playing - this game is like an ads mine so beware, plus it heats up your phone fast. Terrible rates - 30pulls w/ 4.5k getting any purple.. not the best. I have similar games already on my phone. I'm going to pass on this one. very ad heavy. Trying to play but stuck after tutorial cant even press start battle, menu keeps overlapping with other menus unplayable literally.. The game won't let me enter the battle after finishing tutorial... Please fix it ..

Hello, why i cant enter the battle after tutorial?. Really like the vibrant colors and bullet hell top down shooter perspective with a proportional waifu character, simple but fun mechanics and nice designs. But i got an error where the tabs at the bottom of the lobby r gone like the inventory for character building and such and when i go into the mission menu i cant proceed to the chapter to play even when my stamina is above 100%. Hope this can be fixed i feel like spending on this cute lil shooter game too. My Phone: Nubia Red magic 6R. Like the graphics and layout but I can't even start the first mission. Tried deleting and re-downloading, still doesn't work. I click the start button and it just blinks, I also can't close the battle pass after I open it.. WEAPON BUG. I am a busy guy. Got calls all the times. Its force close when get incoming call. I can reconnect but auto switch to sniper and become Korean language on main menu. FIX IT!! Update: Damn I think this developer is a bad programmer. Its a mess in every update. I am sure your programmer change wrong value. What a waste of a GG. (PROBLEM SOLVED) Update: UI Error after event end. FIX IT!(GOOD). Cannot be played, pointless downloading this game. Enemies can be running right at you and your character will target them and miss every shot, not to mention half the shots that are supposed to hit phase right through them the majority of the time..

game wouldn't load after completing the mission after tutorial. had to close and reopen game to continue playing.. could be more polished, but, yeah, good enough. Only reason I hate Mobile games is the energy system don't bother making a game if you need to always wait to play it the game is fun no lie I would spend more if you take out that stupid energy bar at the top. Interesting take on this genre, might have been awesome. I will never know because I am uninstalling it. Attempting to load stage 2, the game shut down my device and dropped me into the boot/recovery menu.. It's ok if you want update more difficult , ad more hp to monster n defense,But please what the heck this time still have bug.My battle suit already lagendary but passive legendary not active,the lest hp i have the more damage i got , plus range stand i should have damage if after take all buf attack up,at least 4 k damage if critical at least 8k - 9k damage,only range stand is active i got 2 k damage.My trik before get to boss room i always let my hp 500 only to get burst damage. This time damn.

compared to the other games with the same gameplay, this one is the worst it's so awful. the sensitivity of control wheel is so off. the only good about this game is the graphics it's unique.. It's an ok game for what it is. Shotgun is going to be your best bet for most part. Personally I don't play it that much.. After I got a free skin, black box glitching the home screen. The dual wield pistols have terrible targeting. The wolves enemy is too fast for this game style, make them slow enough to like get away from them and get surrounded. If putting two bosses in one room, make attack one at a time to have some time to doge. Not sure you have it but have some like side events to get materials or ig currency. Great 3d model and gameplay but lack of story telling and ways to get skins by grinding. Stop with the ads, OMG just stop forcing it so much, add stats info in equipment tab we want to see how much HP & ATK etc we have, enemy & pet projectiles are the same colour can't tell which is which. I love this game so much cause character design and skin, gameplay,skill, machine pet, enemy it's great and if i as u can ad theme for background behind her and skin for pet it would be amazing.....

The game is ok shooter but need a roll or way to dodge other then move left or right . I will warn you it's full of ads that it makes you watch more then once at times to get the reward . I have an issue where it says I watch all the ads and I have only open the game so I cant get the daily, weekly or monthly rewards becuase it does not play an ad. Would be a better game with out ads and the pay to win or super grind. Good game, generally lots of fun. The "Clone" boss (ch. 7) is very frustrating if the random parts of your build don't line up the right way and may need some tuning. There's a limited selection of gear, and items of the same grade and level all appear to have identical stats, so you're mostly grinding for dupes, but they're slowly adding more items and systems that I'm optimistic will keep things interesting.. other that the fact it take a lot from archero, I experienced many bugs like saying I'm not connected to the internet, saying I've watched all the ads before I've even watched one, untranslated text, and it up and crashing on me. Unplayable.. Very amazing graphics. Smooth gameplay. overall awesome game. There is a bug in 4. Zoo, Floor 50 (Hard). The boss won't move and I can't hit or kill it. I can't finish the level please fix it.

Game is good but rating it low because of sudden fps drop specially when monsters are spawning.. great game performance and awesome style graphic design, and easy to enter and enjoyment, fun and excitement.. Price tag does not make sense.. Movements still kinda awkward sometimes, there's a chance your character won't aim properly (especially sniper), i also wants to see my char overall stats, need more explanation about skills (like %increase, %damage, etc.) (Also thankyou for fixing my problem below) I purchased summer skin, game crashed, i lost money but didn't get the stuffs. I tried to buy again but it says failed since already purchased it. Restore purchase doesn't work. I'll edit it once it fixed, already sent mail. Thanks. Okay game, still has room for improvements.

Smooth and intense manic shhoter game with cute ANIME girl with different cosolay costumes. A bit grindy but addictive.. its a super fun game but i hope i can play it offline. its a good game but after closing it my chapter pass package got locked again please fix this.... Always crash, can't login using google play.. A copy from Archero. Concept is not bad but music doesn't give excitement while playing. And the add on top and bottom at each level up is too distracting..

This is a fun well thought out game. Ads are completely your choice. They add value but not required. Great job dev. Team. Hopefully you make a free range game similar. Nice game but I made a purchase on starter package. It tells me purchase fail but my playstore still shows money deducted. DO NOT DOWNLOAD UNLESS YOU LIKE MORE ADS THEN GAMEPLAY!!! Too many ads, you can't even do basic upgrades without ads the daily, weekly and monthly free rewards are ads, after a few upgrades ads, during game play ads at the bottom and tip of the game. The concept is dope and could see myself putting money into the game if real gotcha mechanics were introduced as it stands its an ad filled mess.. Played for about eight seconds. Game lagged in the first room. Uninstalled.. surprisingly fun. I was looking for a game like this for awhile and glad I stumbled across it.

DON'T START WITH TOO MUCH UPDATE. The game is fantastic but i don't know why today when ever i try to login it say google login failure for no reason at all. Fun, well-made hero shooter with a unique look to it. Devs been dropping new feature updates every 1-2 wks so far. In-game ads can get annoying due to them breaking and not receiving reward, but the no-ad purchase actually does give ALL rewards without watching ads (totally worth it imo.) Good time killer. Constantly overflowing on energy tho, needs more levels.. ads are everywhere whether below or above. It's difficult to play because there will be problems playing when pressed on it. Not recommended for playing for fun. Good game but bad because of ads.. The Summer event map was a great QoL, really alleviates the grind for event tokens. I also think having it feel like a short mini game is a plus..

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