Game Mobile - Updated on November 5, 2022

Otherworld Legends – this game is unique in that it has a new concept and classic graphics. The plot is dedicated to ancient Japan and the world of legends and stories unfolds before our eyes. The genetic system works, thanks to which you can create a truly unique character whose appearance will not be repeated.

Otherworld Legends (Mod Full Skin/Free Shopping) 1.14.3

A beginner can become a powerful hero and develop unique skills. The main thing is to complete various tasks, pump your experience and earn points. A large-scale event is ahead: the tournament of the King and mighty warriors from all over the world participate there.

Among them will be the player’s character. You need to fight many opponents, use correctly found items and upgrade your character, then your chances of winning will also increase. The fight itself consists of several stages and the losers will be judged at each stage. So only a dozen participants will make it through to the finals.

The locations you can explore are not simple battlefields. Each victory gives experience points and points that can be invested in improving the character. The levels are randomly generated, so you cannot enter the same dungeon twice.

All player achievements are automatically saved, so when you re-enter the game you can pick up where you left off last time. Enemies are randomly selected, in addition to the usual opponents, there are also powerful bosses, and secret rooms will become available to the most attentive.

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