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Over Hazed is a massively worldwide multiplayer online approach recreation that introduces distinctive RPG parts to the usual Sandbox approach recreation. Having fun with the performance of a helpless father who misplaced his daughter on this wasteland, you’ll want to recruit diverse distinctive survivors and trigger them to defend in the direction of terrorist groups, bandits, and mutant creatures and invade the underside of the offender to save lots of a lot of your daughter.

Over Hazed Mod APK 1.0.0

A good game with lots of memories..i want to return but am not sure. The game operators often run server maintenance during an ongoing event named Road to Revival.. thereby exposing the player to vulnerabilities of not being able to connect to the game again after an erroneous validation of updates post the so-called server maintenance.... Today was the Gathering stage of the Road to Revival event and they started the server maintenance in the middle of an ongoing event. The player never reconnects to the game after the maintenance because the game updates are never validated which lays to waste the entire progress made by the player immediately before the said maintenance.....Hence a sincere suggestion to the developers is to get rid of this evil practice of always running a maintenance during an event...choose another day for it. Enjoying my experience good graphics and everything in working order. Bad, dont want play anymore. Since 2018. So far everything looks ok, game is interesting, storyline keeps your attention, no glitches. I'm playing for 2 days only..

An exiting new twist off RPG, Strategy and real time action! Tried a couple of weeks now, and i get more and more attacked to this one!. Few bugs but it's early access nothing major loving it so far great game plenty to keep you busy. Interesting could use a little tweaks but they all can lol.. It is a great game a few new concepts.. Good game I wish more update and events for us free players .

Its good just be safe as possible. Still doesn't fit full screen on samsung galaxy tablet. It is extremely f2p if you know how to focus on what you need. I've seen bullies complain about people spending pennies but grow quicker than them. Some strategies you never share with your enemies. Too many ego driven multiple account hounds who need their false God complex stroked. Too many new servers added especially since the ego hounds pay to kill noobs and they feel a false sense of strength nothing but goons like Walking Tall the movie with a toothpick instead of a 2x4.. Good game play so far, waiting to get to higher levels. Very good game there is lot of fun I am play this game hours that's very good game keep going.

Still will not fit full screen. And there is no button to hide chat. I'm uninstalling.. This game is so awesome and so very fun. Fun game, definitely recommend to all age game players..,. Been playing since it was developed.. Good, but...some of the time it takes to build and heal troops and research 8s ridiculous.

I changed this game from a 4 star to a 1 star as I gave it 4 star when I first played it but things change and now the 1 star because the game is way to expensive the devs only care for your money and not the players also when the servers die all they do is merge them and open a new game hoping to get more suckers to pay for the game. Needs to have bosses to rally with alliance, our state is dead very few players, I've spoke with support. Nothing, I've played this game for months, once your in a state your stuck and there's no leaving even if the whole state is inactive...our server is called The Sheep's Meadow our alliance is (bla) the black sheep, we took the center 3 times already with no opposition, very boring...please merge our state, you dev can see what I'm talking about if you look. Don't spend a dime till they fix. Excellent Game m, I really enjoy it and I'm a girl gamer from way back. I definitely recommend it.. After the game was renamed and updated it has many more events and great rewards... Still a great game to play and I hope for more new features... ie town hall level increase higher than 30..... Very lively game. Lots of things to do and never boring..

It's really great game with great graphics .I am playing it on daily basis and its developers are friendly to talk on any problem over all I can say that yes it's a best online survival game.. Game has a big glitch been stuck on district 1 now for over 15hrs with my ports not working so I have now changed my stars to 1 due to devs not fixing it in the first few hrs of complaint and what makes it worse is i have spent money aswell so fix my problem or a bigger problem will arise.. You can't progress without paying. Rss always scarce.. you cannot go up after a certain level. Forced me to leave the game. I played so many games..but this is totally pay to win..f2p players don't upload this will suffer with frustrations.. troops vanishes here..and they do nothing about it.. server too slow..full of glitches.. targets respawn.. every second.. nothing is enough without paying.. it's a dead game... Players in this game are rude and ugly with their play! Bring you into a alliance have you there for a few days thenkick you and hit you 34 times to get your stuff ! I will ot play this game if there are no regulations on level of regardes to your answer...I know what kind of game it is, I was informing the new players of the possible way they may be treated in this game , by the alliances they join...just like what happened to me , a daily player.... Nice game. Plenty to do, keep coming back!.

I would give it 5 star but it need lots of improvements;1st need guide to show which heros that are more suitable to be teamed together.2nd devs made districts and you cant move until required level so it should put restricts to go back to avoid bulling new players.3rd revival troops as it will be impossible to start over after being zeroed.4th MCV need more ways to be levels up.5th Throne war is so early need time to grow.6th core to evolve troops to be added to bandits like enchantments.. So far awesome love how the game is developing and how you build up your city love the story line great game. Great Game play and interesting story,plays great too.I definitely would recommend this game to all my friends.. The should start having a label on the buildings so that way I'm not tapping all of them to find where to train troops. Give it a try it's free to play.

Great game ,but it takes time. My acct rebooted and it went back to zero making me restart over again losing my uninstalling.... Nice game ... game play is nice , run smoot and worth the try .... Like it so far good grafics. Troops to missing now. Is some fun going on??.

at least they tell you very early in the game that "the battle will be fought automaticaly". if im not needed...and the game can play itself...why would i pretend to rebuild a broken base?. Yeah it's a war game, but I just started last night and I already get attacked by a player in a large alliance 3 times so I can tell how this is going to go, I quit. Great game. Excellent strategy and tactics are needed. Runs smoothly and graphics are super. Good balance for free to play players. So far so good. Game is smooth running option to buy in game. Really probably don't have to. Other wise good game. best game ever is all i have to say.

App failed to launch on my Huawei. I just got this game and I am loving it I get to play with friends and my teachers I recommend this also because it is for all ages. Gd game just needs better packs. So far very good is pretty fun. This game is fantastic, its fun and addictive. The possibilities are cool too.

Great game a lot of fun. Just like all the rest rpg. So far not a bad game but will review again soon. Release of previous game, primary changes designed solely to drive increases pack purchases. You can grow without spending to an extent but you will need to work the game do to so. Some player have admitted to using autoclick software and the devs will not do anything to stop it. Play at your own risk, devs left the game last time after about 6 months or so. Oh and if you end up in the server with an alliance called HaZ, stop spending their "tactics" will drive you to quit. You re so coolYour game is so fun and Love it :)..

The game has so much to offer and me and my cousin had a powerful alliance this game night be my my most favorite mobile game it is hard to find games like this. The game is really interesting and fun to play. The ads are good. I love killing time in the day with this game!. Super fun game, only suggestion is maybe they can do more updates to add more interesting items to the game. This game is fun because you get to pick alliances with other kingdoms and you cant attack kingdoms. I like how you have to strategize for this game..

Way way to much dialog in the game, got tired of it and quit playing the game.. Not for me...not user friendly. Keeps me busy, some times game is confusing trying to understand how it when to proceed.. Download I want to I want to download the game download the G. Gane need to buff troops load capacity and also troops training time need to reduce , most of time i need lot of resources because those thing , pls look at that otherwise it will be a dead game , many people facing this problem.

Great game not p t w,lots of ways to advance your fort.friendly crowd in it now ;). Middle of the road game, you can't obtain gold unless you spend real cash. Strategy game yes but it's pushing towards pay to win. Graphics aren't all that . Easy to play .. It's fun and easy not alot of peoplel but hopefully that changes soon will edit soon. This game is so cruel i hate everything why the anemy have to kill zoe!! And work for them ughh i really hate it Im sorry for give you guys 1 I'm really sorry.. It's been a fun time killer..

Game is good, graphic is awesome. But this game should have little zombies as well. For More funny!. Amazing game very interesting to play come and join the camp. This game sux. More like an idle game. You can keep you game thankyou. Playing way better calibre games to this . Cheers. I never head of Evil winning early at lvl 5 HQ? Avoid this game, other is speed up aren't awarded to people when your finishing basic game quests. Unlocking water filteration is at set at lvl 15 is bogus. I played ton of base building game this F rated simulation, your hero goes from heroic to heroic sad in not too long and I feel not able to play anymore.. This is a cool & fun game game to play..

It's great so far! Need to free up more hero's they are scarce unless you pay???????. Lame lame story with a wimpy hero. The game is nothing original or great. Got boring fast. Again same too many server game , no fun because of too many server ,. Server 4 rank 1 accepts personal attacks and threats towards family and devs dont do nothing instead im reported for showing the messages. Shame I'm came to the fight with evidence this game is full of bullies and abuse not worth it at all. This game you need to avoid. every server rule by the Chinese player and their is a time even you're belong to the top powerful alliance their is somehow new alliance coming from nowhere with a noob name and noob player gonna blow up your entire alliance coz I'm suspected the developer do this kind of dirty trick to make the real top player or alliances spend more real money. This games is full of scam than every rts player should need to avoid!.

I love this game. Worth playing. Good game. Not simple. Strategy needed. Must play.. Great game and definitely better than most. Awful. Edit you want to hear improvements lol? Read the reviews you've ruined the game. Money hungry and you've been caught playing your own game trying to make people spend money to catch you up. Anything else? I have a list. This game is amazing and very competitive I like it a lot it's a great though could use some improvments by fixing lag and bugs overall great game.

Fps needs some work game is in development no bumps so far will update review depending Update : game is a scam, absolutely terrible. Devs are playing the game giving themselves boosts and competing in events. Players are toxic. Dead game..

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