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1935, the SS Hook leaves England for New York. Ex-starlet Veronica and her husband Malcolm, who have lost a lot of money due to bad investments, decide to visit America in search of a better life. However, in fact, Veronica has other plans – in the dead of night, without thinking twice, she throws her husband off the ship. What to do next?

No husband – there are problems

And the further development of events will be determined by the player, who over and over again will experience the same day in the life of Veronica. In terms of story Overboard! from the inkle studio – almost the opposite is Return of the Obra Dinn: there we investigated what happened on the ship, and here we get used to the role of a criminal and try to get away with it.

Did anyone see what we did? Did he see us specifically, and not silhouettes? Maybe someone suspects us? How do the rest of the ship treat us? Is there something wrong with the ship itself? All these questions will have to be answered gradually, and not everything will immediately become clear. We wake up in our cabin at eight in the morning, and we have only eight hours before the ship arrives at the place where the criminal is collectively identified. Fortunately, you won’t have to sit for eight hours – one run takes about 15 minutes.

Overboard !: Review

An important decision must be made in the first minute.

The most obvious outcome is that Veronica will be found guilty and sent to prison; Most likely, your first playthrough will end like this. Over time, you will understand who you need to talk to, what evidence it is advisable not to leave, and how to reach certain people so that they do not blurt out too much in the final conversation. Maybe you can convince everyone that Malcolm committed suicide? But even so, this is still not enough – you will not receive insurance money for this.

Overboard! you are free to do whatever you want during the day. The ship map shows how long it will take to get to a particular compartment, as well as who is there at the moment. There are several characters – a girl crying over the death of Malcolm, a spectacular lady spending time drinking, and even a major in the British Indian Army. The atmosphere of the 30s is wonderfully conveyed – both through the well-written dialogues, and even through the portraits of the characters, simple but charming.

Overboard !: Review

There were no books by English writers of those times.

In dialogues, we choose lines and decide how we will carry on the conversation. You can try to convince a person to do something, you can achieve your goal by deception. It is only important to remember what you said, because at the last minute your forgetfulness can backfire on you. For example, you blurt out to someone that you saw your husband in the morning, and then you begin to claim that he disappeared at night – any normal person will accuse you of lying.

There is also a quest element here with the ability to add items to the inventory, which are unexpectedly accumulated in some races. But it should be remembered that each movement costs precious seconds. Interaction with the environment is designed in the same way as dialogues – we do not see the rooms themselves, but only read short descriptions and choose actions. The longer you delay, the less time remains – and after all, someone can leave the room only at a certain moment or agree to a meeting at a given hour.

Overboard !: Review

The main thing is to pretend that you are not to blame.

We know more than they

After completing Overboard for the first time! offers several handy features. Firstly, the selected replicas and actions are highlighted in green – you can choose something else if you didn’t achieve anything last time. Secondly, there is a rewind of dialogues that you have already seen before. Well, the most useful thing is restarting the scene: if you don’t want to start everything again, and the dialogue doesn’t stick, you can use the restart of the episode once per passage.

The game also starts throwing hints – it asks questions that can help achieve the best outcome. Directly, as in Hitman, the goals are not indicated – it is simply proposed to enter someone’s room or check the veracity of an absurd rumor, and you can already guess how to do it. What is slightly missing here is the records where the chains of actions leading to certain outcomes would be entered. For example, how did you get the key card from the cabins – when you return to the game after a break, you won’t remember everything right away.

Overboard !: Review

Events and details important to the plot are indicated at the top of the screen.

On the other hand, the passages are already short, so the lack of notes rather encourages more experimentation. Overboard! offers enough options for the development of events so that trying to go the other way does not seem like a waste of time. Each time you learn more and more about the characters, and you roughly understand what to expect from them and how to interact with them. When one of the characters bends down to look out the window of his cabin, Veronica can send him after Malcolm – but what if you can do the same with other passengers? ..

Although at some point Overboard! nevertheless becomes a little monotonous, it still leaves vivid impressions. The game was created in a very short time – development began in January of this year. At the same time, the story turned out to be branched, and as a result, the idea of ​​a game about a criminal who escapes punishment in a confined space was masterfully implemented.

Pluses: non-standard idea; a branching story that encourages experimentation in dialogue and interaction with the environment; a couple of convenient functions that open after the first passage; nice visual style.

Cons: at some point the game becomes monotonous.

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