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New Patch, New Reason to Enter Darkest Dungeon

Darkes Dungeon 2 started its movement by fulfilling the points of its roadmap, and just recently a patch was released.

We are promised new locations and story chapters in the next patch, but in this patch we got new roguelike mechanics that breathed enough life into early access to replay the first act a couple more times!

I’ll start with the main thing so as not to waste your time.

The characters got some kind of specialization.

When we drive up to an intersection and start choosing companions, we can notice that the characters can be simple vagabonds who are nothing special, or they can be professionals with all the pumped skills. In the first race, I came across a plague doctor who had all the pumped skills. In the second race, she turned out to be a student with only one skill upgraded. But the most interesting thing is to find out that your Leper became a poet because of which he began to receive 100% more healing, but deal 25% less damage.

On the one hand, the leper is famous for the fact that he rarely hits, not accurately, but it hurts. And now he began to hit me rarely, not accurately, not very painful, but he absorbs damage with great pleasure, because with one button he can cure all his lives.

And already in the next leper, he became frantic like a hurricane, capable of inflicting a huge amount of damage, became more resistant to blindness and disease, but his life reserve and speed were greatly reduced. He could easily be killed, but on the other hand, under the command of a warrior, he did a BANG, biting off the bosses by half HP.

In fact, we got the same hero, but the rules by which he is played have changed dramatically! An ordinary leper both tanks well and hits hard. However, the poet hits badly, but tanks not only well, but superbly! And his style of storm does not tank well, but it hits like no other! And now, each hero has 2 such paths of development, which randomly appear in each new passage.

Replay value due to this has increased significantly, now the game literally forces you to try different builds and mix characters based on the available goodies. Well, except for the occultist, until they add at least a minimum heal greater than zero to him, or at least remove the bleeding, this damn charlatan can go on all 4 sides!

Now to the less important changes. On the adventure map, in addition to a cool lair, where we had to withstand two waves of monsters and then fight the location boss, there was a lair of monsters. Having visited it, we have to fight with two waves of new creatures, including spiders, dogs and worms straight from the first part. But make no mistake, absolutely all enemies except worms generate or immediately have a lot of dodge tokens on them. So defeating enemies quickly and without a fight will not be so easy. But the reward certainly will not disappoint. Unlike boss trophies from the lair, which are hung on the stagecoach and can be either useful or unnecessary, or even completely harmful to the group, the trophy from the lair should be brought to the inn and exchanged for one, or even two pumping points and discount on a certain type of goods in a local store.

Also, new minions appeared at the antique dealer, his retinue began to be accompanied by fighting dogs and flame swallowers, setting fire to everything around.

By the way, the assortment of merchants in the tavern has also increased, which makes the passage at least a little easier.

Now with a high probability in the tavern you can buy a couple of items to improve relations in order to somehow break the ice between sworn friends if your adventure went to one place.

Changed the balance of many heroes in the direction of increasing combo attacks. Now many skills that have not been upgraded have a chance to apply a combination token, while others have learned to use this token also without leveling. For example, the Warrior with his normal attack can heal by 10 or 20 percent when he hits a marked enemy.

But the main change is that the plague doctor’s prophylaxis ability no longer heals stress on allies. So only the Jester, the warrior and the savage can do this. Now you need to collect parties with the expectation that one of them will be on the team. Or hope that all the characters will be friends with each other and relieve stress with words of support, which is very hard to count on.

Also, the balance was corrected for monsters, but I won’t touch on all the changes, like for heroes. Most importantly, the fucking ghouls stopped accumulating dodges with each sneeze, and began to accumulate defenses; now a meeting with two ghouls can end in our victory. Thank you very much already.

If you’ve met such a couple on the road before, you most likely ended the fight with a couple of nervous breakdowns, as the characters simply couldn’t hit them properly!

For the most part, I have described the most important innovations in the game.

There are also minor changes to the interface. In the system of relations, the balance was slightly corrected, making it simpler, and several diseases and character traits were added. But it’s not so interesting anymore.

Therefore, if you already have Darkest Dungeon 2, you have a reason to launch it again, and if you are waiting for the release, then the realization that the developers have not abandoned the game and are gradually moving towards its release.

That’s all. Play good games, bye everyone)

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