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PAC-MAN is the legendary game of all time, which absolutely every gamer knows about. You can also play it on your phone, immersing yourself more and more in the memories of one of the first games on game consoles of the 90s.

  MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 11.0.4

Remember how you could spend endless hours playing such an amazing game? Now you can do it again right from your mobile device. Few would have thought then that someday it would be possible to play such games even with low-performance phones and in absolutely any place and at any time. You can play PAC-MAN without the Internet and thanks to such an addictive game you can kill an incredible amount of free time. Just play as this virtual hero and advance through hundreds of levels where you need to swallow yellow dots and not get caught by your opponent. Even when released on mobile platforms, this game has become very popular and interesting, which is why so many people play it every day. Go with PAC-MAN through many different mazes with simple finger touches and try to absorb all the dots. You can even set your own record values ​​to get ahead of your friends, because the mobile version has a global ranking table. Returns from retro consoles – PAC-MAN The main enemies of the players are ghosts wandering through these virtual labyrinths. To disable them, you will need to use bonus items, and they will slow them down for a short period of time. During this time it will be possible to move much further. If you do not have a bonus, then try to outwit them and dodge. Be the first to know about the existence of brand new mazes in PAC-MAN, which are still challenging and interesting. There are several ways for the player to control the game. Try to pass the easy level and gradually reach the third increased difficulty.

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