APK - Updated on January 21, 2023

PAC-MAN is a new exciting game created for Android! PAC-MAN is a big, funny, lively head that runs through the labyrinths and eats everything that gets in its way! Various dots, peas, fruits and berries.

Pac-Man: Championship Edition  MOD APK (Continuity Skill) 11.1.0

Pick up everything baby PAC-MAN can eat along the way to complete levels. But beware of enemies! These are unusual ghostly creatures, very similar to colorful octopuses. Your hero may well defeat them himself, only if he manages to eat a large pea in the labyrinth, which make it possible to use the weapon – “ghost shock”. But there are very few of them at the level. Therefore, you need to try very hard to avoid meeting with hostile octopuses. Each such collision threatens with the loss of the life of your ward.

An important point: your round baby has only three lives. Be very careful and attentive! When the head manages to eat fruit, your score increases especially.

Download this wonderful game to your gadget and join the fun run through the mazes!

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