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Paige is a primary role-playing sport, diploma up, accumulate, and uncover. Examine entirely totally different professions and experiences. Choose one of two many factions, converse with the parents, and get to know them. Make your alternative accurately.

If you like primary RPGs identical to the Gothic sequence, you could have come to a suitable place. Buy the game as quickly as and experience it with no enterprise breaks or hidden in-app purchases. Uncover an open world in a lovingly designed low-poly look. Are you tired of having to log in every day to avoid missing one factor? No disadvantage, save and cargo each time and wherever you could be. You don’t miss an element proper right here!

Paign RPG Mod APK 1.44 (Free Shopping)

Love this game, very much like a 3rs person elder scrolls game. The low poly art is gorgeous. Very much worth it no bs in app purchases . Can't recommend enough if you like games like elder scrolls, gothic etc. Game is good just like to be able to get better weapons and armer. Good RPG with decent mechanics similar to skyrim and the like. The controls are a bit chunky and sometimes there's a delay in battle attack and dodge system. There's also some bug where if you get stuck in between 2 objects after jumping inside, There's no way to jump and escape from there except by loading your file. Overall a good RPG if you're avid fan of open world RPG like me.. Finally a good RPG game, I can see similaraties to Gothic but also to a singleplayer Runescape. I have not played for long but it's already on my favorites list. Definitely worth a buy! Would be even better if it had gamepad support. I wish there was a filter in the Play store to find games like this. 98% of games on here are login everyday, micro transaction money wasters, just worthless or all at once.. Scratches that Gothic & kleptomania/hoarding itch. Great RPG game. Love the progression and the feeling of finally being able to take mobs on after getting my s**t kicked in by bees etc in the beginning. Haven't enjoyed a phone game this much since Galaxy on Fire 2.. The game is pretty great. The only problem is ive killed all the enemy and i still have a lot of quest to finish. No enemy regeneration im stack on act 3.

This game is like Gothic 2 minus the good writing, world building and interesting characters. The game plays rather clunky, even for a smartphone game. Having such a small dialogue UI for a phone is egregious and often the game was unable to see the difference between camera movement and interaction. The music and sound are subpar and imho you're better off playing it muted. All in all the game is okay, definitely worth its money but by itself a very flawed gem.. So it's a watered down version of my Polygon Fantasy game where gestures needed to simply swing a sword dampen it's game-playing fun vs Polygon Fantasy push button to swing a sword. I give 4 stars simply because this game is entirely Offline and Polygon Fantasy requires online connection where it is more fun til you find you got no internet connection and then you feel the Paign for real.. Love the game my only issues is I'd like to see the damage I'm doing and taking. Also more info on what is actually increasing when I put points into say one handed or archery. Like am I doing more damage shooting further and how much per lvl up would help tremendously. Ya that be gr8. The combat is completely horrible and the the quests bug out and break. You will spend most of your time confused and lost, unable to find the people or places needed to continue questlines. Also idk why the developer wants so many permissions, sketchy stuff. Sadly, I've kept playing and now the game keeps crashing. Part of the map doesn't load in or just isn't finished. I dont want to discourage the developer because they have something fun here, but the flaws make me question why I'm playing. Nice to see a game like this one on mobile. I'd say it's a "streamlined gothic experience". And a good one - delivers on every level. Exploration is rewarding, combat is satisfying and quests are in general involving. Graphics are nothing to write home about, but I personally love low-poly and the game is made by a solo dev, so no complains here. Have not encountered any game-breaking bugs (act 3 as of now) and I play on a dated device. So totally recommend and awesome job on the dev side .

Not bad but also a good mobile game for gothic fans :). This game is fantastic. It's got solid combat and exploration, fair challenges, rewarding treasure, and decent quest design. Personally I can forgive a little bit of broken English in the text, all the point comes across clearly which is all that matters. This is about as close to a classic Gothic style game as you're gonna find on a phone. Pretty impressive! If there's gonna be a sequel, I'll buy it too.. I love the polygon style of the game, visually it's very pleasing to me, there is a certain charm. I'm not too fond of the combat, truthfully I do need to play more, but I found it to be somewhat cumbersome. More play is needed.. As the description says, if you liked the early gothic games, this is very similar and it's pretty freaking awesome for a mobile offering in that open world genre. Similar to gothic the fighting takes time to get used to, it very different from many games and timing is everything, you can't just stand still and swing your sword.. Pretty cool so far. I found this bada** ore hatchet in the beginning of the game..

please fix the bugs in this game! it constantly will force close!. So Im going to point out some glaring issues. The controls are odd they feel as if they are slippery like you have to sort of cruise on the joystick and the fighting can be a tad clunky at times. I dont mind graphics so long as the story is good and I can most definitely see the imagination put in but the grammar and writing is a bit jarring. Its definitely written by someone who has a decent grasp on english but its a tad rough. Edit: content creator cant handle criticism. 1 star from 2.... Health bars? Damage indicators? Better map lol. Quest log? More consistent attacks with different weapons. The mace is king right now with left and right swipes, it attacks so fast. Archery is useless. Edit:: I've been informed archery gets better and that there ARE health bars. Just didn't see em! On top MAY be better. Any chance for quest logs?. This game is appalling. From the horrible controls, to the hideous UI (like to find the controls menu it's in the main menu before you start the game, what makes it funnier when ur in game you can't go back to the main menu locally without forcing the game closed). I tried to ignore the asset flips and bad game art but after trying this joke, everyone is correct. Don't bother getting this game when it's free either.. Edit after 3 playthroughs of the game: In simple words, the game feels like a Gothic 2 Pocket Edition which is very good. The length is just right, if you know what you are doing, it takes about 8-10 hours of playtime to complete. Gameplay is very fun and requires some skill. You also have the freedom to experiment. Quests are way more complex than i've thought and there are mutiple quests with multiple ways of completing them. It has a lot of replayability and the dev responds to requests/bugs.

Very good! I'm genuinely impressed with the controls, equipment, loot, and quests, I do wish the saving feature was reworked. quick save quicksave would be awesome and a feature preventing you from saving after dying would prevent acsedental override. I did that a few times and had to restart. Other than that I can't wait to see this game evolve!....Edit. just beat the game. Fantastic twist at the end. Just one dev. Unbelievable mate! Bravo!. Voice acting would have taken the experience to 5 star for me but it's an indie game and must require so much work, so it's still pretty good. Has promise but needs a lot of work. Way too easy to fall in a narrow space and player is trapped with no way to move. Inventory should include player image to equip gear to body part like other rpg games. Attack is more complicated than it needs to be. Simplify combat so I can still move normally and attack, with a dodge button (used with movement button for direction of dodge) would be more enjoyable. Will increase stars as game improves..

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