Game Mobile - Updated on April 16, 2022

Painter Master is a fun puzzle game for creative gamers and drawing lovers. The toy creators present owners of Android devices with a variety of gambling situations where you need to figure out what’s going on and pull out the missing pieces as quickly as possible.

Nice cartoon design

There are one or more solutions at the same time, so you can always be flexible and resourceful in the game, and depending on the quality and creativity of the drawn piece, players will receive different prizes – resources, tools, new levels, trophies, and some other good things. You’ll appreciate the gameplay’s beautifully animated design, easy controls, improved system of useful abilities, as well as a regularly updated quest database.

Painter Master

Choose from many paint colors

Immerse yourself in the painting process and the creative and logical solution of Painter Master’s hidden situations. Think about what’s missing in the picture and take a brush, pencil, or spray to correct the mistake. Pick a color and paint, bring the problem to its logical conclusion, and only then click the checkmark icon. Get the in-game currency, if everything is done correctly read the maximum possible percentage and decide if you want to try again.

Hundreds of quests

Use Painter Master Mod diamond, which allows you to use any painting tool at the beginning of your career, opening access to hundreds of quests and even online competitions. Draw pipes, bridges, elevators, weapons, racetracks for athletes, clothing, and auxiliary equipment for different professions. Be smart, invite all family members for a fun shared pastime, act together or compete for a personal record!

Download ( V1.1 )
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