Codes - Updated on August 4, 2022

Panda Run – the action of the game takes place on the streets of ancient China, this is a completely new take on the genre of runner games. Test your speed skills!

List of Gift CodesExpiration date
W82MU5AR36KSeptember 19, 2022
THJBESO3QMSeptember 9, 2022
XTKENB8YCAugust 13, 2022
HRBUC7ISNOXSeptember 24, 2022
FWU74ZPIAT02September 26, 2022
SNLVCMQ2E57September 6, 2022

Ancient China is a place filled with magic and jewels. Amazing landscapes amaze with their beauty and grandeur. Around is full of dangers, such as the most dangerous gang of pandas. The hero of the game is not weakly annoyed by this mafia organization. The only choice left to him was to flee. The most brutal killer went in pursuit of the hero. Control your character by tilting your device or moving your finger across the screen. Your movements must be precise and fast! Help the panda overcome this incredibly difficult and long pursuit! During the passage you will find various bonuses and coins with which you can improve the characteristics of the character.

Download ( V1.2.1 )
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