Pepi Super Stores: Fun & Games MOD APK (Free Unlocked) 1.10.7

Updated on June 10, 2024

Name Pepi Super Stores: Fun & Games
Publisher Pepi Play
Category Game New
Version 1.10.7
Price FREE
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Pepi Super Stores: Fun & Games APK
Pepi Super Stores: Fun & Games MOD
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Pepi Super Stores: A Magical Shopping Adventure

Pepi Super Stores is a magical and fun story about your favorite characters. Travel to different shops and supermarkets, where each of the heroes lives a full life.

The Game Experience

Fans of this series should take part in this most updated and interesting game from the general Pepi Play series. This gameplay is perfect for both adults and children. There is so much to learn and great stories to tell here. More than ten shops are present in this adventure and each has a completely different setting and atmosphere, including a selection of individual items.

In them you can interact with absolutely any goods and use them to complete quests. Naturally, players must understand exactly what each of the available items should be used for. Pepi Super Stores brings you a whole new shopping adventure and every level is incredibly fun and entertaining.

Features of Pepi Super Stores Game

  • More than 34 unique characters
  • Full change of outfits and accessories for the heroes
  • Fashion designer mode
  • Lots of fun attractions and decorations
  • More than ten original stores
  • Spectacular atmosphere and interaction

With Pepi Super Stores, players can immerse themselves in a world where creativity and exploration are key. The game offers a diverse range of activities and experiences, making it a perfect choice for players of all ages.

The World of Pepi Super Stores

Each store in the game offers a unique experience, with its own selection of items and challenges. Players can explore different shops and interact with a variety of characters, each with their own stories and personalities.

From clothing stores to food markets, there is something for everyone in Pepi Super Stores. The game encourages players to use their imagination and problem-solving skills to complete quests and uncover hidden treasures.

Interact and Explore

One of the highlights of Pepi Super Stores is the ability to interact with a wide range of objects and characters. Players can experiment with different items and see how they can be used creatively to progress through the game.

Whether it’s dressing up the characters in fashionable outfits or decorating the stores with fun accessories, there are endless possibilities for creativity in Pepi Super Stores.


Pepi Super Stores is a delightful game that offers hours of entertainment and exploration. With its charming characters, exciting gameplay, and captivating world, it is sure to be a hit with fans of the Pepi Play series.

So, step into the world of Pepi Super Stores and embark on a shopping adventure like no other!

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