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Want to make friends with lots of cute animals and feed them? They’ve been waiting for you in Pets Unleashed™ for a long time! Transfer to New York and travel around it with Max. On your way you will meet other animals. Help the good-natured dog Duke find more bones, and the cheerful Mel get rid of annoying squirrels. The further you walk along the streets of the metropolis, the more you will meet different animals on your way, get to know them, and give them your all possible help.

List of Cheat APKExpiration date
6P7OUYWCAMXAugust 20, 2022
HC9Z0LNRQJSeptember 13, 2022
IOSZ5N042September 2, 2022
E2GY50XIHA6September 15, 2022
F7G9M4BIJ2VQAugust 12, 2022
AGSJ6K1M9C5September 4, 2022

The game was created on the basis of the famous cartoon “The Secret Life of Pets”, in the “3 in a row” genre. Step through twenty levels, solve puzzles, think over moves, find the right items, feed the animals. Do whatever you like! You can train Max a little, listen to rock music with Leonard, and, together with the naughty Chloe, “look into the light” in the cool bins of the refrigerator.

Remember that combos and super combos will make it easier for you to reach your goals, collect more in-game money, and you will also be able to activate a flock of parrots and a bombardment from Tiberius. Don’t stop there! Hurry up to help the animals, and they, in turn, will help you!

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