News - Updated on March 30, 2022

Behind Phil Spencer has already done a lot of great things, but he is not going to stop. Speaking to Axios journalist Stephen Totilo, CEO Microsoft Gaming expressed his intention to Starfield the most popular game of Todd Howard (Todd Howard).

We quote Spencer’s words:

I like indicators Forza Horizon 5 And Halo… I love how much more people have played Psychonauts 2than in the first part. Therefore, when I communicate with developers, for example, during a dialogue with Todd about StarfieldI think: “How do we make it the most popular Todd Howard game ever?”

I think it depends a lot on our platform. Of course, the quality of the project comes first, but for me the success of a particular game is related to the answer to the question: “Can we attract more players to it than ever before?”

Howard’s most popular game right now is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: its circulation exceeded 30 million copies back in 2016 (more recent data is not available), and more recently it spans three generations of consoles. Starfield does not belong to the famous series and will be released only on PC and Xbox Series, which begs the question: how is Spencer going to surpass the result of Skyrim?

Most likely, Phil is betting at least on a Game Pass subscription, where Starfield will appear on the day of release. Totilo also suggests that entertainment will be placed on the Xbox Cloud Gaming cloud service, which allows you to play on mobile devices and TVs with smart TVs.

Just a reminder: Game Pass has over 25 million users.

Spencer’s desire to build an audience extends beyond Starfield. So, he wants projects to achieve new heights Activision Blizzard:

Yes, I want to in five years World of Warcraft more people played than today. I want in five years Call of Duty more people played Candy Crush more people were playing. Therefore, we will make these games more accessible to more people.

As an argument in favor of wide availability, Phil called Forza Horizon 5 And Halo Infinitewhich have become the most requested games in their franchises.

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