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Connect with your friends from the social network to take part in this exciting gameplay. You can download Pirate Kings for Android and participate in a wide variety of fun and enjoyable mini-games. Become a real pirate and start conquering the expanses of water. Everything will begin with the construction of your own island, which should become the most favorite place for a pirate to stay. Then you will participate in confrontations with other pirates, and steal gold coins from them. Your island will be attacked very often, and you should try to organize a decent defense for your native place.

Pirate Kings
  MOD APK (No Ads) 9.1.8

If you download Pirate Kings for Android, additional features will become available, among which are the following:

  • Multiplayer pirate battles with friends and other players;
  • A huge variety of rewards and treasures available for conquest;
  • The opportunity to open a huge number of new islands and rise to high leading positions in the ranking among players from all over the world;
  • A huge number of features and mini-games with amazing effects.

Fun Pirate Adventures Play this pirate game daily and spin the lottery wheel to win new prizes. You will be able to conquer a huge number of seas and oceans, as well as win amazing prizes and coins that will help you develop your skills and islands. Use powerful attacks and defenses to win the treasure battle. Decorate your paradise island in such a way that other multiplayer pirates openly envy you and finally turn it into a kingdom. Try to create your own alliance with your friends, and then it will be easier for you to advance and conquer this huge open pirate world. Be sure that it will be very difficult to break away from such a game.

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