- Updated on September 22, 2022

Who among us at one time did not dream of becoming a real pirate? Each generation has its own heroes, but all of them are united by common things. This, of course, is about the marine theme and pirate romance. This is what real pirates live, and you can become one of them if you install the Pirate Power application on your Android device.

Pirate Power Codes Wiki 1.2.131
List of Codes WikiExpiration date
KA90IH27TSQOctober 7, 2022
BV63UZ2COJAugust 17, 2022
HFT1J6M3ESeptember 22, 2022
GMIL9ODRYQZSeptember 14, 2022
KCF7PV9QLRMASeptember 29, 2022
79TYPBMNK3CSeptember 26, 2022

Before you is an interesting and exciting role-playing game, which compares favorably with other games, first of all, with its funny and colorful design. And of course, the plot itself is also interesting, which will not leave indifferent any lover of pirate stories. Do you want to go to this romantic world that lives according to its own unwritten laws? Then start developing your own island, on which your mighty pirate fleet will be based, developed and expanded for future conquests!

Keep in mind that soon you will meet with strong opponents, each of which also seeks to conquer the world or at least do you some nasty things. In addition to other conquerors, your enemies will be the king crab, the evil doge, the harmful Kraken and other characters who must be taught a lesson for their insidious antics.

The game is interesting not only for its plot and its passage in scenario mode, but also for the opportunity to show your strength, abilities, pirate skills and mastery to other players with whom you can fight in real time. Do you hear how the deck creaks, the wind sings a pirate song in the sails and the call “to board!” sounds? This Pirate Power invites you to plunge into the world of adventure and exciting sea battles led by the best pirates of our time!

Download ( V1.2.131 )
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