APK - Updated on January 9, 2023

Pirates have become the theme for many adventure games of choice. But if the romance of the seas is not alien to you and you are also a fan of casual games, then discover Pirate Treasures – a worthy representative of the three-in-a-row genre. Here you will become an assistant to a one-legged pirate who is looking for treasures. And to find them you need to get rid of thousands of colorful stones on the playing field.

Pirate Treasures  MOD APK (Unlimited Gold) 2.0.132

For a combination of several stones to disappear, it must consist of the same color along the horizontal or vertical lines. Don’t get too carried away by collecting crystals, because you need to complete the level in a certain number of moves by completing an additional task. For example, destroy all stones that have a “black mark”. And at later levels, you will also have to fight sea monsters.

Lucky players who collect combinations of four or five crystals of the same color are rewarded by the creators of the game with pleasant bonuses. So for four destroyed stones in Pirate Treasures a diamond is given, which will destroy the entire horizontal or vertical row. For five pebbles, the player receives a magic star – it will remove from the playing field all those that have the color chosen by the player. In the future, new skills will become available to him – mix all the stones or hit one of them with lightning. Skillfully pass level after level and know that treasures are conquered not only by the brave, but also by the quick-witted!

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