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Pixel Shooter – Online Battle Game – endless fun in a multiplayer shooter game with pixel characters. You are expected by intense tests and shooting from the best weapon of the world.

Pixel Shooter – Online Battle Game
 Codes Wiki (2022 December) 1.5.091
All Codes Expiration date
DP379ZNJG5K November 24, 2022
QSO9P7K3HR December 14, 2022
CHBS1FT62 December 16, 2022
APFZ0BDIGX7 November 9, 2022
JTMSF8AP3RZB December 21, 2022
3H1XFW0JPCN November 22, 2022
FOMNW534P67 November 9, 2022
LBXED4I93W October 27, 2022
SBZPX5J6K December 10, 2022
BZ3P54S9FRK December 21, 2022
Y0A9ZLFOPW7E December 13, 2022
ZBLY6KWH94G December 2, 2022

Embark on new fun and invite your friends to organize a group and have even more fun. Pixel square characters take up arms and go hunting. Easy controls in Pixel Shooter – Online Battle Game will not complicate tasks even for beginners. You can use a huge arsenal of weapons and enter raids every day, in which you can pick up even more rewards and prizes. Peculiarities:

  • High-quality graphics in 3D;
  • favorite pixel characters;
  • many types of weapons and equipment;
  • the ability to change skins;
  • intense battles on different lands and collection of beacons.

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