Game Mobile - Updated on September 16, 2022

Pixel Starships started as a small project that people from all over the world raised money to help. The developers met the expectations of hundreds of thousands of players and released an unusually interesting galactic strategy. Fans of computer space battles and telephone clan wars will especially like it.

Pixel Starships: Hyperspace

A good decision was to make pixel graphics. Thanks to this unusual move, the application does not require much performance from the user’s device. Also, a simplified picture made it possible to introduce original ideas into the game, which capture the attention of the gamer from the first minutes.

Pixel Starships: Hyperspace

Many films and even more series have been made about space travel, epic interplanetary battles, and wars of the worlds. In the exciting Pixel Starships, the gamer gets the opportunity to try himself as a commander of a flying ship. The player will have to show all his courage and perseverance, gather a team of professionals, and explore the depths of space in search of treasures and new worlds. A nice addition will be a mod for a lot of money, which will allow you not to be distracted by financial difficulties and concentrate on the development of the ship.

Pixel Starships: Hyperspace

The main highlight of the game is a complete view and control of the spaceship in the context. The space machine is divided into many compartments that are necessary for the proper functioning of the entire system. To make the ship stronger, faster, and more armed, you need to invest money and other resources in pumping departments. Currency and consumables are earned both inside the ship and through space battles. Looted treasures can drastically increase the overall potential of a ship.

Download ( V0.991.4 )
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