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Pixel Z Gunner is another derivative of the famous minecraft game. In this case, the developers offer us to visit the pixel-cube world in the near future. The action takes place in 2030, the whole world has been engulfed in madness and swallowed up by a terrible virus that turns all people into rotting, brainless, but still functioning corpses. But, as always, there were people who have innate immunity to this virus, and who became the last hope of mankind for survival.

Pixel Z Gunner Codes (2022 December) 5.3.5
List of Codes Expiration date
WKQP5XH9TGY July 27, 2022
TUEGKOJHQV July 8, 2022
9Q38SNFV5 August 9, 2022
6AUJET739ZX August 9, 2022
AV5BDH0UOFMT July 24, 2022
5YPGSQWM61X September 2, 2022

You have to manage one of these “survivors”. The game is made in the AFPS format, so you have to constantly turn your head so as not to substitute the sirloin under the drooling mouth.

The game offers a large selection of weapons with which you, in fact, will fight off the hordes of the undead. Collect coins and diamonds, buy and unlock new more powerful weapons, stock up on ammo, upgrade your equipment to the maximum and go back to battle. The game has several game modes, including the passage of missions, of which there are more than fifty.

Tired of missions and want to take your soul away? Survival mode will be happy to give you such an opportunity. These and other delights of the cubic zombie apocalypse will be offered to you by the Pixel Z Gunner game.

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