Get Code - Updated on May 25, 2023

Plague of Z is a new strategy game about survival in a ruined world full of angry zombies. Restore the city to protect yourself from the ubiquitous monsters, gather an army and give a worthy rebuff to the enemy. Send squads into the wilderness to get useful resources for the development of the settlement. Meet other players, form alliances and try to survive together in harsh conditions.

Plague of Z
Promo Codes (2023 June) 2.17.0
All CodesExpiration date
BGA1H6RJ8NUJune 4, 2023
09YUIJXE3OJune 30, 2023
QHF70SOUGJuly 15, 2023
ED3JT90ZCF2June 18, 2023
9ZOYG2CXR8J6June 14, 2023
HVQS5D4YOIKJune 15, 2023
KOQXE28IS30July 3, 2023
CL8O9QFWS6July 17, 2023
8HEXI0MNWJuly 7, 2023
0A9NK7Z6EW4July 22, 2023
F3SARNPB1I9JJuly 9, 2023
MVA0GJS2Y1DJuly 1, 2023

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