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Planet Ant is a new mobile strategy that opens up the amazing world of fighting insects for everyone. Insects can stand up for themselves, for this they need only a worthy leader. Lead an ant colony and teach them how to fight. Your anthill will be like a huge castle with lots of tunnels and secret passages. Breed as many offspring as possible, get the necessary resources and defeat numerous enemies to lead your goats to great deeds.

Planet Ant
 Promo Codes (2022 December)
All Codes Expiration date
NOBTPEHA9LC October 26, 2022
U1MDKC3NIH November 30, 2022
X3J68NPQC November 2, 2022
JZ13I0XRCYB December 9, 2022
UP41M8HY29K3 December 11, 2022
0Y56I3MPS7H December 7, 2022
C0QDXASU5IV December 11, 2022
XD2JPQ539I November 1, 2022
DTIMY0S8H December 10, 2022
5Y9JZA2Q8CX October 17, 2022
R0P3JEDL8YF2 December 1, 2022
LPY0XJGI41Q November 23, 2022

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