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An army of unstoppable fighters is always good for any resistance. In the Pocket Troops app, you can collect these heroes and create a team of volunteers who will have combat skills and be able to handle any type of weapon. To create your team, you need to choose fighters from 6 classes. Each fighter will have individual characteristics, their own unique abilities and their own temper. However, together it will be an invincible and unstoppable team, defeating any enemies.

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AZFN4HJDXVK August 5, 2022
90R5STIMG8 August 24, 2022
Q8W4UM2Z0 August 4, 2022
7IH1TQS3BRA July 14, 2022
ED2OGHTW0KL5 September 3, 2022
HSV7N6Y84GD August 9, 2022

In the strategy game Pocket Troop you will enjoy as many as 12 missions. You will fight with your team against insidious enemies. At the head of the opponents will be Dr. Evil himself. If you are not interested in playing alone, you can fight with players online, take trophies from them. Your enemies will also be not born, so train your fighters well.

For training, you will have equipped gyms and various simulators. And during the rest you will have the opportunity to print money on the machine, watch TV, play backgammon, etc. By the way, your heroes will never die, because in the Pocket Troops application there is a hospital where all the fighters quickly improve their health. Therefore, if you prefer interesting and exciting strategies, download the Pocket Troops game!

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