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Many users who have already rated Pokemon GO call it the best game of 2016. And all because hunting for virtual monsters can be a very exciting experience. It is enough to have an iPhone or Android smartphone with the required version of the operating system and mobile Internet. That’s it, you go outside and become a member of a huge team of people catching Pokemon in different parts of the country!

Pokemon GO Redeem Codes (September 2022) (2023 December) 0.291.2

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List of Redeem Codes (September 2022)Expiration date
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You can download the novelty in the App Store, Google Play or Mobigama. At the moment, it is being actively tested in some countries of the world and is not yet available in others. There was a donation here – so, by investing real money in the game, you can get PokeCoins. This is an in-game currency that can be spent on various upgrades by purchasing them within the app. For example, you can buy some additional item or “pump” strength (attack), defense or endurance.

augmented reality

The novelty that captured the world was created on the Real World gaming platform, developed by the Niantic studio. A feature of Pokemon GO is that the application will need to track the location of the player – this will help the geolocation function. The result was a game where the existing reality is combined with a virtual universe inhabited by Pokemon. As a result, these nosy creatures can end up anywhere in our real world, although in fact they are not visible to the eyes. Using a smartphone, you need to explore the surrounding space, because this is the only way to identify Pokemon and get it into your collection. More than a hundred types of game characters are waiting for those who will be lucky!

How to catch Pokemon

In order to declare a hunt open after installing the application on your smartphone, you just need to carry it with you as you usually do when you leave the house. Pokémon are found in crowded places – these are squares, squares, stadiums, even large shopping centers. The larger your city, the higher the chance of catching a pocket monster.

First you have to find a Pokeball – a special ball that will need to be thrown at the discovered Pokemon. Having found a red and white ball in one of the PokeStops, you armed yourself. Now, if a pokemon appears nearby (for example, Pikachu – Pikachu), then the phone will give a signal by vibrating. Next, you “take out” the Pokeball, wait until the ring on the screen shrinks as much as possible, and launch the ball into the prey. If the throw turned out to be accurate and the Pokémon could not repel your blow, it is caught. Remember that when you find a pocket monster, you should not hesitate, otherwise the prey may run away from you.

When catching Pokemon, pay attention to the color of the circle pulsating around the detected creature. For the player, he will report how great his chances of being caught are:

Red is a rare Pokémon or a strong opponent. As a rule, you can’t catch this with an ordinary Pokeball, you need something more substantial; Yellow color – a pokemon that is quite difficult to catch, has a high combat strength; Green color – easy prey with little combat power. rare pokemon

There is another way to add to your collection of Pokemon, which becomes available after you have been playing for a while. So at PokéStops you can find pocket monster eggs from which they will hatch. This is a great chance to catch some rare species.

There are certain varieties of Pokémon that can only be found in certain places, such as near water.

Pokemon GO also has Pokemon evolution. To watch it, you need to catch several monsters from one category, and then one of them will “grow up” to a representative of another category.

Opportunities for personalization and development

A player in Pokemon GO is called a trainer. The trainer can look the way you want – for this, use the personalization options. You can change clothes, add accessories – as a result, an individualized image of your character will appear in the profile, and it will look the same on the map while you are walking in search of prey.

The longer you play, the more levels you can complete. Accordingly, stronger Pokemon are caught at high levels and more powerful game items can be used. For example, the standard Poké Ball will be replaced by the Mega Ball, which will make the hunt more effective.

team game

If you are tired of playing alone and want to socialize – such an opportunity will soon present itself. By becoming a member of the selected team, you will be able to “store” the collected Pokémon in the same place where other team members placed them. This place is called the Gym, and you can find it in the same way as the PokéStop. Each Gym can only hold one Pokémon from one player, so cooperating and keeping your captured monsters in one place is the right decision. The fact is that in this way your team provides Gim with protection from the invasion of the players of the other team.

Combat in Pokemon GO is also fun. Your Pokemon will go up against the opponent’s pocket monsters, and then it will be very interesting to watch who can win. Controlling the animal during the battle is the task of the player, so be concentrated. If you attack someone else’s Gym and you manage to defeat those who defended it, then its prestige is reduced. A few successful attacks will give your team full control of this Gym, and you can now place your Pokémon there.

If your Gym was attacked, which lowered its prestige, then this is fixable. The more your defense Pokémon train, the more this indicator grows.

In addition to battles-tests in the game there are others. For each successful completion, the player receives a medal – it will be stored on the game profile page.

Pokemon GO is a mobile entertainment that will not be able to sit at home. This is a fun and truly addictive game. Just try to discover the talent of a Pokémon hunter in yourself, and now you already have a whole collection!

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