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After the mediocre movie “Super Mario Bros”, Nintendo for many years abandoned attempts to enter the territory of big feature films and was not eager to give Hollywood the right to film their franchises. Yes, there were animated films based on the same Pokemon: full-length films and a TV series that was so beloved in our country at the beginning of the 2000s, but now I’m talking about big-budget projects with real actors. 26 years after the release of the film adaptation of the platformer about the mustachioed plumber, Nintendo still dared to release a feature film based on one of its games on the big screens. Pokémon is investigating - a review of the film

This yellow Pokémon will melt anyone’s heart with its charm. You can’t be so cute!

Detective! I choose you!

Detective Pikachu is based on the game of the same name, which was released on the 3DS in Japan in early 2016, and two years later in the rest of the world. Gameplay has nothing to do with other Pokemon games: Detective Pikachu is a spin-off of the main series, in which, instead of training charming pocket monsters, you have to search for clues and interview witnesses in order to solve crimes.

According to the plot of the game, the main character named Tim Goodman came to Rhyme City in search of his father, a detective who disappeared after a car accident. On the street, the boy runs into Pikachu, whose speech he understands for some reason. It turns out that the yellow animal was Tim’s father’s partner and, together with him, investigated cases of unexpected Pokemon aggression. Of course, the heroes in the course of the adventure will have to find the reason for the inappropriate behavior of the monsters and bring the case of the missing parent to the end.

The film adaptation in general terms repeats this plot, but handles many things quite freely. So, the main character has become a little older: in the film he is 21 years old, and not 18, as in the game. The acquaintance of Tim and Pikachu takes place under different circumstances, but it must be admitted that in the film adaptation this moment was presented much more interestingly.

The original and the film adaptation, in principle, have many details in common: for example, the reason why the Pokémon suddenly began to behave like wild ones is the same, and the final part is closely related to the same city event. At the same time, it is important to note that the ending was changed quite a lot and lost its understatement, so that those who played Detective Pikachu will certainly be surprised.

Pokémon is investigating - a review of the film

Tim from the game and Tim from the movie are not very similar to each other. There should be a scathing comment here, but in our time, I’m honestly afraid to give them.

Elementary, Psyduck!

The red-cheeked Pikachu has long been a symbol of the series. We are accustomed to the fact that the lexicon of this animal consists of only one cute “Peak-peak!”, But the game, along with the film, breaks this pattern with a bang. In Detective Pikachu, the yellow electric Pokémon speaks with the gruff voice of Ryan Reynolds. The actor, who is well known to us for the role of Deadpool, added charisma and charm to the image of Pikachu. The tailed detective is the main source of jokes in the film, and these jokes sometimes hit below the belt.

However, first of all, the title Pokemon is still intended to touch the viewer. Most of the other Pokemon are also made and animated with dignity, and their small cameos cause almost childish delight. Pocket monsters look organically in the world of real people and look quite real to themselves – well, how real fantastic creatures can be.

While I’m willing to accept the reality of these sorts of creatures, while watching, I had a lot of questions about Rhyme City, a city where Pokémon and people live together. “No pokeballs,” they tell us from the doorway, but at the same time, monsters are still treated like animals. They kind of do the work together with people: for example, squirtle put out fires. At the same time, every city dweller has his own Pokemon pet, which always stays close to the owner.

Pokémon is investigating - a review of the film

Are there “free” Pokémon in Rhyme City? Where do they live? Homeless on the streets? Or are they paid to participate in important city affairs?

I’m probably taking the question of how to set up a utopian city too seriously, so let’s leave these nitpicks and move on to more serious problems. The script for the film is very weak – the whole session I smashed my face with my palm. Apparently, the fact that the original source is a game focused primarily on children affects. In pursuit of unexpected plot twists, the filmmakers were so carried away that they forgot to give at least some plausible explanation for what was happening on the screen. So the heroes left their car and went to explore unfamiliar territory. In this study, they are mercilessly beaten and thrown to hell in the middle of nowhere, and they are forced to separate. “Okay, meet me at the car,” one character says to the other. And they meet.

It is impossible not to scold the film for the way it resolves the consequences of the final clash with evil. Everything is fixed with a click – Thanos would appreciate it. Such a happy ending once again proves that the main audience of the film is still children.

Pokémon is investigating - a review of the film

The film was successful in the night scenes. Intentionally or not, but the neon city with its noir atmosphere refers to the “Blade Runner”.


“Pokemon. Detective Pikachu is a film that focuses on visuals and fan service. The Pokemon are damn cute, and in the dialogues, references “for their own” slip every now and then: either the Kanto district will be remembered, then the names of combat techniques, then Pikachu will suddenly sing the main theme from the anime series. If this is what you expected from the adaptation of the game about pocket monsters, then the film will definitely not disappoint you. But if you were hoping to see a good plot behind the fan service, then, alas, there is nothing to catch. The film is clearly designed for children – in fact, like the game on which it was filmed.

Nintendo seems to be happy with the result, and it’s already known that production of other Pokémon movies won’t be long in coming. One can only hope that next time the story will be more elaborate and logical.

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