Game Mobile - Updated on September 10, 2022

Pokemon: TCG Online is an exciting collectible card game that will give you the chance to feel like a real Pokemon trainer. “Collect them all!” – the motto of the cult animated series of the nineties, whose popularity has recently broken all records again thanks to one famous mobile game. And this motto is the best fit for a collectible card game!

Codes ListExpiration dateNumber of
D2T6UVW70KJAugust 27, 2022748
QRLDVK43I1July 10, 2022456
Z4YU8WVCAAugust 22, 2022896
G2IE7U5Q6HMAugust 30, 2022486
FCDEBR6ZLW53September 1, 2022343
DEYSRQ9L7HBAugust 31, 2022674

Here you have to collect cards with fighting monsters and fight with them against millions of other players.

It’s very easy to start playing: you choose a few cards from the Basic Decks and immediately go into a training battle. You can fight the bots until you feel that your card army is strong enough to tear everyone in the Tournament. Win and get more and more new cards, and collect your own combat deck. Exchange cards with friends and rivals. Earn coins and buy entire decks with them.

You are waiting for spectacular tabletop battles and a lot of strong, but cute Pokémon. Become the best coach and beat everyone.

Download ( V2.92.0 )
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