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In the game Pony Grooming Salon you will have your own pony, which you must help to completely transform. You will have at your disposal a whole salon designed specifically for pony care.

List of CheatsExpiration date
HD2A34PQLVXJuly 23, 2022
2DV97LM83GSeptember 14, 2022
6K3UQ8TPRAugust 26, 2022
R605XE7S49FAugust 18, 2022
0X7TRPUFD64QAugust 3, 2022
827HN05TOYXJuly 29, 2022

You need to bathe the pony, carefully comb its mane, feed and water it. And to make your pony the most beautiful, be sure to add unusual jewelry and stylish accessories to his hairstyle.

A distinctive feature of the game is a bright fabulous design, which from the first minutes immerses you in a fantasy world. But the game is not only for a pleasant pastime. With its help, the child learns how to properly care for animals, learn how to use their logic and imagination.

The game has a bright, but quite realistic design, so your child can learn the basics of hairdressing. After downloading the game, you can choose the pony you like the most and start transforming it. Do not forget about the mood of your pet: he should like the salon and decorations that you offer him.

Pony Grooming Salon is completely free, contains no additional paid content and advertising, and is suitable for children of senior and primary school age.

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