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Entertaining children’s game, very simple and at the same time exciting.

Pooches in the Supermarket Coupon Codes (2023 January) 1.5.5
List of Coupon Codes Expiration date
2JZBE5UPA7F July 31, 2022
IFCEBGQD0M July 19, 2022
OFB1P9DI4 August 17, 2022
FG4796XLNMC July 9, 2022
ONRA9VMIB5X7 July 31, 2022
IV3QFY0PBO2 August 29, 2022

You will feel like one of the members of the wonderful Barboskin family, of course, you will be one of the children. Your mother has given you a responsible task – to buy a large number of products in the supermarket. Of course, she gave you a list and a dad, so you don’t forget anything.

Try to find all the goods you need in a huge supermarket, try to be more attentive, do not miss a single thing, otherwise your mother will be very upset and will send you shopping again. Don’t forget to keep an eye on your father, who always strives to put something superfluous into the grocery cart, of course, buying groceries off the list is much more interesting, however, this is not at all what you need. Try to follow the recommendations that appear during the game, they are very useful and will help you in passing.

Throughout the simple action, you will be accompanied not only by colorful graphics, pleasant animation and unobtrusive musical accompaniment, but also by funny characters of your favorite cartoon.

Try to collect all 5 stars, don’t miss a single item on the store shelves, and don’t take anything extra!

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