GiftCode - Updated on May 29, 2023

The game Pooches: Street Soccer is not only interesting entertainment, but also an application that can develop your child in a playful way.

The game is a runner with a huge number of levels and tasks in which you have to show all your speed, clarity of action and accuracy while scoring goals. According to the plot, you need to control Barboskin and make sure that he reaches the goal, knocking down all the banks along the way and not losing the ball.

The advantage of the game is high-quality three-dimensional graphics and a bright cartoon design that will appeal to both adults and children. In addition, the game has almost endless gameplay, and it will depend on you how far Barboskin will go and what prizes he will receive for completing tasks. But remember that with each level the tasks will become more and more difficult, so do not waste useful crafts, because they will help you overcome all obstacles on the way to victory.

An added benefit of Pooches: Street Soccer is that it is completely free to download on all types of mobile devices. However, the game contains embedded ads and additional paid content, which can be disabled in the internal settings of the application.

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