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Popular Wars is the most limitless and insane war between funny little people who really want to become popular. Take advantage of this original game and try to win the fights.

Popular Wars
 Gift Codes 2022 October 1.0.33
All Codes Expiration date
ULYM2I1BN7O November 30, 2022
KBAF4RS85Y October 31, 2022
PBZY461CL November 28, 2022
UF0E37HAWP2 November 13, 2022
48VR2B706PJQ October 20, 2022
PMIDOWR0JGA November 28, 2022
S3HX76JNGP4 October 31, 2022
IH0BGNE1CK October 28, 2022
FP3XYH7L5 December 8, 2022
2P7Z0B5R48D November 12, 2022
QN39MOC7FUIY October 26, 2022
CO4PIDV6FM3 November 25, 2022

Large-scale maps for the journey will be available to the popular warrior here, and there will be many more new players to collect on them to obey you. Gradually fight and go through a lot of levels, and after success in each one, become a little more popular. Capture new territories of the vast world and develop. The main idea is to become the most successful. You will have to collect new fans for yourself every day, and they will go ass at any moment. Capture them and deal with new obstacles on the maps. Popular Wars won’t let you down with such amazing gameplay and multiplayer frenzy. Game features

  • Refined gameplay;
  • Crazy adventures online;
  • Tons of real players around the world;
  • Massive leveling system and many features;
  • Personalization of your character;
  • Dozens of original maps with their own obstacles and difficulties.

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