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Many people are still trying to make “our Fallout”. And POSTWORLD could be called another such attempt, if it were not for the emphatically ironic, careless and somewhere even hooligan attitude of the developers themselves to what they are doing. And this allows us to talk about an attempt to make a sort of trash variation on a given topic. And this attempt, it must be admitted, was a success.

post-soviet post-apocalypse

You can, of course, take POSTWORLD as seriously as possible – as a hardcore action / RPG in a setting adored by many. Moreover, everything for this seems to be in place. We play as a stranger, who knows how to find himself in a post-apocalyptic wasteland called the Zone by the locals. He is naked, weak, wants to eat, drink and sleep, for which you need to constantly collect food and water and periodically spend the night in protected settlements.

Between these settlements, we move around the global map, on which bandits also move at the same time, and striving to attack the hero – if you wish, you can take the fight to get hold of junk and experience, or try to escape. In the same place, on the map, “points of interest” are indicated by question marks.

In the settlements themselves, everything is also familiar – harsh men with weapons around the fire, as in STALKER, dilapidated boxes of panel houses, skeletons of former enterprises, some kind of warehouses, ports. There is even a mandatory metro station (Mayakovskaya) in such cases – with posters on the walls, train traffic patterns and the opportunity to make a daring foray into the tunnels. And everywhere – merchants, shops with guards and, of course, taverns. In general, the atmosphere familiar to all stalkers.

POSTWORLD game review

A character’s state is influenced by many different factors.

think for three

Chief among all the settlements are the capitals (if you can call them that, of course) of three large groups – cultists, slave owners and railroad workers. Each of them, just like in some Gothic, has its own goals, quests and a separate storyline that will lead to a clash with the other two factions. The hero builds relationships with them, but only one faction is allowed to work.

By completing tasks and killing enemies, we gain experience and grow in levels. The role-playing system includes many skills that cover almost all aspects of the harsh life in the wastelands – they allow you to open simple or advanced locks, move faster on the global map, carry more equipment and supplies, better handle melee weapons or different types of firearms, throw grenades further etc.

Paradise for the gunsmith

And in POSTWORLD, as in many similar themed games created on the territory of the former USSR, there is a special fad about firearms. Each barrel has a lot of characteristics such as the volume of the store, the level of recoil, the dispersion of bullets when firing, and many modifications can be put on each – butts, sights, receivers, barrels, grenade launchers … A variety of ammunition, including, in addition to the usual explosive, armor-piercing and incendiary, are attached.

Another fad of the authors is related to the fact that only those items that are in pockets or in unloading are allowed to be used in battle – the latter is bought or mined separately. That is, before the battle, you must definitely place everything you need in its place, and not just keep it in your inventory. By the way, the volume of the latter depends on what kind of backpack your character is equipped with.

POSTWORLD game review

As you can see, POSTWORLD implements a point damage system.

Another “chip” was the ability to use shields, as well as prosthetic arms or legs. The former provide excellent cover from bullets and impacts, they also need to be reinforced with separate plates and equipped with various modules, such as a built-in flamethrower. The latter serve as a replacement for implants and differ in characteristics – they increase protection against explosions or bullets, allow you to jump further and higher, carry more weight, but in return increase the need for food and drink, reduce protection from radiation and poison (and this muck in the wastelands, of course, in bulk).

Assault on the ruble

As you can see, there is a lot of everything, everything is in place. But if you treat POSTWORLD precisely as a full-fledged post-apocalyptic RPG, then, despite all of the above, by and large it does not hold water. The graphics are outdated – although, I admit, the design of some settlements, such as the capital of the railway workers, is made with love for detail.

The world is empty and dead – you can only communicate with rare quest characters available through the faction storylines. There are also merchants, but each of them, when asked what news, has only one answer in store – nothing, they say, special. And the seller will repeat it, even if a minute ago, a couple of meters away from him, you turned several people into minced meat (and here there is a “dismemberment”). All “points of interest” on the map are guarded camps that you can attack or pass by.

The battles themselves look primitive and miserable, and in some places tend to a state of complete unplayability. AI is stupid, the camera goes on sabbatical when approaching the enemy, turning what is happening into porridge, you can’t normally take cover, and so on. And all this pandemonium with different types of weapons and modifications for them turns out to be useless (well, almost!), when you realize that it is often easier to chop everyone with an ax.

POSTWORLD game review

Typical in-game dialogue!

homeless instinct

The only thing that keeps POSTWORLD just like a normal-looking game is the survival instinct, which works due to the fact that it is really difficult to survive here at first. There is not enough money for normal weapons and armor, the inventory quickly overflows, the unloading is small, wherever you step – there are mines, poison, radiation and harsh men who are ready to tear you apart just because you came too close to their corn beds.

Therefore, you purely instinctively turn into a homeless person who drags all the garbage into his pocket and then runs to sell it to the nearest merchant. After all, I want to save up more money, get better equipment and return with a modified machine gun at the ready, showing Kuz’kin’s mother to those who took pity on you for an ear of corn.

However, as a survivalist, POSTWORLD also has problems. If you carefully look around, you can find a bunch of useful items like cartridges, first aid kits, stimulants and even prostheses that are lying around just like that, without protection. In addition, we were allowed to remove literally everything from the carcasses of enemies, including expensive weapons, cool armor, large backpacks, and so on. Therefore, here you rather do not survive, but collect, pick up and run to sell. The main thing is to fit all this in the inventory so that there is enough space. And then, when you get stronger, this concern fades into the background.

Empty toilets

Therefore, I would advise treating POSTWORLD differently – not as an ordinary game, but as a kind of trash comedy. Moreover, the authors themselves seem to want this. Everything here is saturated with Russian humor – meaningless and merciless. The story begins with the fact that we see some man who, just like Said from the “White Sun of the Desert”, is buried up to his head in the ground. Five minutes later, an ironic AI begins to communicate with us, which is built into the head of the protagonist. It turns out that experiments were allegedly carried out on him in a secret laboratory, they were going to be sacrificed, but the spirits saved him …POSTWORLD game review

And this is a typical Russian dilemma!

All quest characters communicate in a florid obscenity, which you can listen to, realizing that artistic swearing is really a whole art. Unprofessional voice acting, made, it seems, by the authors themselves, only raises the degree of general indifference and fun. Oh, here would be a shot from the Goblin – and you could safely call the game “Wasteland orderlies”!

Insanity grew stronger

All faction leaders and their settlements are extremely colorful. The inscriptions on the fences in the port of the slave traders somehow beat the theme of shit, booze and hard drinking. And their leader is a bearded Caucasian who lives in a room hung with old Soviet carpets. The head of the cultists is an outspoken drug addict who worships Mother Earth, who needs to be fed with your or enemy blood in the local arena.

And the leader of the railway workers, nicknamed Stop Crane, is an experienced hard worker who strictly follows instructions and speaks in professional jargon. He calls the main hero a railway lever, which decides where to put the locomotive of this faction – this is how we are hinted at an important plot choice. The first quest for this faction forces you to look for a “very important artifact”, which turns out to be a wrench. They were once the ancestor of our crazy employer destroyed the “real god” – the AI ​​that captured the space station.

Tired of this circus, the main character, like a real punk of the post-apocalyptic era, immediately after the conversation can simply take and shoot off the head of the leader of any faction. Because if you shoot off an arm or a leg, he will still fight. Yes, very often here the enemies do not die, even if they have lost some limb – it was you who chopped off or shot off their prostheses. Therefore, you constantly observe a surreal picture when bloody, legless men crawling on the ground try to get you with a hatchet. By the way, the locals are so severe that they can install prostheses back right in battle…

POSTWORLD game review

This, perhaps, we have not seen in any game!


But in this context, POSTWORLD can be considered – not as some kind of serious game, but as a hooligan trick that the authors did like real punk developers: they didn’t try to please, fit in and fit into the standards, but just had fun, drank, smoked and jiving, creating what they want, within the means, talents and opportunities. And in this case, all this can even captivate for a while – like the films of the thrash studio Troma or the songs of some beginning half-drunk punk band captivate. Otherwise, you will have to wake up, sober up and hear that the musicians don’t really know how to play and sing, and the recording was made on their knees in some dirty garage. They are still very far from Pot and Sex Pistols …

Pros: it can be fun and funny here; in the plot, you can make a choice; a lot of carefully designed weapons and modifications to it; good role-playing system; it’s really hard to survive in places; Periodically there is a harsh post-apocalyptic atmosphere.

Cons: ideas not brought to mind and unbalanced mechanics; dead and empty world; few quests; unsuccessfully implemented battles; outdated graphics; unprofessional voice acting.

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