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Funny pet is waiting for his best owner. You can become it if you decide to download Pou for Android. This interesting character requires great attention and, most importantly, care. If you are really sure that you can surround him with all this, then feel free to take him on bail. You have to take care of him daily, feed and play with him. See how your pet is growing fast and getting smarter. Open up completely new possibilities for him. Choose original outfits in which he will look amazing and buy new toys for him. It’s up to you to decide how he will look and what he will love. Try downloading Pou for Android and you will understand how much you can do for such a small character. Watch how it grows and don’t forget to feed it on time. Spend more time with him playing in a special room. Collect coins in mini-games to buy him a new outfit or some cool toy. He will be happy with such a gift. Conduct laboratory experiments on potions that Pou likes so much. Make his appearance original so that he is happy to walk like this every day. Dress him with a trendy hat, choose stylish glasses and many other items of clothing.
Take care of a funny pet Do not forget that the look of his room should also change. To do this, change the wallpaper regularly to freshen up the interior. As you take care of your pet, earn rewards and unlock achievements. With them, as a bonus, you will be given unique items that will help in the education of the hero. Do not forget that you need to talk to him and then he will be able to amuse you with his squeaky voice. If he suddenly catches a cold, treat him urgently, wash him when he gets dirty and put him to bed, and then surround him with love and care again. Do your best to make him enjoy it, and you along with it.

  MOD APK (Latest Version) 1.4.105

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