Power Painter - Merge Defense MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.19.4

Updated on June 11, 2024

Name Power Painter – Merge Defense
Publisher ChimpWorks
Category Game New
Version 1.19.4
Price FREE
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Power Painter – Merge Defense APK
Power Painter – Merge Defense MOD
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Power Painter: An Epic Simulation Game

Power Painter is an epic simulation game with a wide variety of actions and problem-solving options. Protect your own tower and upgrade a variety of guns that can shoot paints.

Unique Gameplay Experience

Players can expect completely new options for cannon duels. In them, you will have to fire cannon shots, and as projectiles, you will use cannonballs filled with paints of a wide variety of shades. Build the best tower defense empire and place a huge number of new installations around the perimeter.

Empire Expansion and Rewards

By expanding their own empire, users can receive coins, and with them, they can buy new useful paints. Power Painter has a huge number of competition stages, and at the end of each, the hero can face the Boss. Come up with your own strategy to solve problems on the levels and choose the most friendly ways to attack.

Strategic Planning and Progression

Only in this way can you earn a fortune and spend it on the development of the entire large-scale system. The game offers an endless number of levels, and the complexity increases as the process progresses. The bright and colorful graphics enhance the gaming experience, and players will face dozens of cool and epic Boss opponents across many different maps.

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