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Fans of the famous and even legendary series of on-screen stories about the Power Rangers should definitely be in this gameplay. To do this, you need to download Power Rangers: Legacy Wars for Android and you will have a chance to choose one of the heroes and take part in crazy real-time battles for him and even go through a unique story. Enjoy new cards, which include the heroes of this wonderful story. Fight against your own clones that have filled this vast world, but they pursue only evil goals and are ready to destroy humanity. Don’t let the clones beat you and take part in the battles of this fantastic fighting game.

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars
 Codes Wiki (2022 December) 3.2.3
All Codes Expiration date
38QLN5FJ74B November 1, 2022
BL405A2GCW November 12, 2022
FLTAH95Z2 November 13, 2022
601INXQMDJK November 25, 2022
PHUQIFGYL68O November 30, 2022
R14VAGX8QJ5 December 20, 2022
07JS9VGOZ3M December 18, 2022
ZEAW92POIX December 5, 2022
JZR13BDA4 December 6, 2022
6DXIRG0ABCL December 3, 2022
2JASP3TRBUK6 October 30, 2022
8H9UJ01LK54 December 10, 2022

If you download Power Rangers: Legacy Wars for Android, you will have access to unique features of the gameplay:

  • Multiplayer game mode, thanks to which you can fight with your friends;
  • Beautiful high-quality three-dimensional graphics that look like alive;
  • More than forty legendary heroes from the Power Rangers and there are even new ones here;
  • Opportunities to assemble your own team of heroes and enter the world stage with them;
  • Pumping system operating at maximum efficiency.

Fighting Legendary Heroes You can start fighting powerful warriors right now, but never forget to upgrade your heroes’ abilities to make them worthy of fighting powerful enemies. Enjoy a wide range of heroes from this great story and discover new possibilities for yourself. Customize your own hero so that he learns new superpowers, and then use them in battle. Try your hand at the multiplayer game mode, where you can assemble a huge team of great heroes who can survive in such a world. Fight with your friends and prove one more time that you are the best in the whole world.

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