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The eminent French company Arkane Studios employs such stern and self-confident people that they can turn even a brutal shooter with portals into another variation on the themes of Dishonored, BioShock and System Shock 2. This, of course, is about the game formerly known as Prey 2, the former continuation of the 2006 shooter, it will not be a sequel at all, but a completely original project.

The interiors of the station will be made in the neo-deco style.

True detective

In general, the history of the creation of Prey and its successor is one continuous detective story, based on which an intriguing production television series could be shot.

The first part was announced by the cult studio 3D Realms back in 1995, and it was developed in parallel with Duke Nukem Forever. But then all sorts of throwing and staggering began, and as a result, both projects fell into a long suspended animation. Prey was taken out of it only in 2001, when the development of a new version began. The game eventually came out in 2006 and was an innovative shooter with portals, puzzles and the ability to change gravity. There were Indians and aliens piled up in one heap, travel to surreal worlds and flights on small shuttles …

However, despite all this, the game was quite linear and scripted. Therefore, almost immediately after the release, the developers began to think through the concept of a sequel with a more open structure and creative use of portals. The plans were not destined to come true – some problems and throwing began again.

And in 2009, the rights to the now series were acquired by Bethesda Softworks, which revived the project. True, not for long – as it turned out later, the game was developed for two years, and then it, almost ready, was canceled, although the publisher repeatedly denied this fact and officially recognized it only in 2014. Say, the quality of the product did not meet the high standards of Bethesda.

Yu is not alone

Naturally, after that, many assumed that Prey 2 went straight through the portal to the landfill. Others believed that Bethesda knowingly bought this brand and will definitely return to the game. And so it happened – as a result, the authors of Arx Fatalis, Dark Messiah of Might and Magic and the Dishonored series from Arkane Studios took up it. And they once again changed the long-suffering concept – this time in the most radical way.

The suit and jetpack for flying in zero gravity can be upgraded.

By and large, only aliens remained from the original in the new Prey, but the Indians, along with portals and shuttles, retired. Instead, Arkane decided to do what it does best, an action role-playing game in a semi-open world with an emphasis on the non-linearity of everything and everything.

In fact, the developers are fulfilling a childhood dream and creating their own System Shock with an admixture of ideas from Dishonored and BioShock. The action takes place in the future on the huge space station “Talos-1”. The protagonist, who works here as a scientist (or scientist) Morgan Yu, is free to explore it completely freely and visit any places and nooks and crannies – if, of course, he can get there. (Incidentally, the technical programmer hired by 3D Realms to revive the first game in 1998 was named Corinne Yu, perhaps one of the few nods to the series’ legacy.)

I am a black cloak, I am a mug flying in your face!

As usual, experiments were conducted at the station with alien life forms, and they eventually got out of control and killed almost all the “nerds”. Morgan Yu is one of the few survivors. Now he has to save not only himself, but all of humanity – if the aliens break out of the station, located in the orbit of the moon, and get to the Earth, then everyone will be very bad.

By the way, our hero, as a result of all these experiments, has acquired unprecedented abilities and must use them to the maximum in order to survive. In particular, he learned, like “alien”, to take the form of surrounding objects. It can, for example, turn into a mug to get into an inaccessible room, falling from a table through an open window.

There will be other superpowers – both of human origin (allowing, for example, to lift weights and throw them), and alien. To study and improve the latter, you will have to scan enemies using a special device – a psychoscope. In addition, as in BioShock, you need to look for special items – here these are neuromods that are installed through an injection in the eye.

Among the opponents there will be invisibles and telepaths capable of taking people under control.

Skills are divided into six branches – engineering, science, security, morphing (the same appeal to mugs, as well as tables, chairs and the devil knows what else), energy, and even telepathy. They can be combined, but it’s worth remembering that using alien skills will attract some enemies.

In addition to special abilities, there will be special weapons. For example, the so-called gypsum gun, which shoots polyurethane foam. It can be used in a variety of ways, including immobilizing enemies, foaming ladders and ledges to climb higher, or putting out fires. The glue gun, along with the ability to turn into mugs, cups and tables, should be one of the main “chips” of the game.

Another very interesting type of weapon is utilizing grenades, which literally suck up everything around them, and then destroy it, at the same time saving us from blockages. After that, resources remain on the ground, from which then in a special fabricator (and in fact in a 3D printer) you can create almost any equipment, weapons and gadgets – there would be blueprints. More sophisticated devices will require rarer ingredients, including those extracted from aliens.

Yu almighty

Such sophisticated physics and the widest possibilities for interacting with the environment will allow you to move completely non-linearly around the station. Repairing the elevator or climbing to the next floors on the mounting foam, blowing up obstacles or crawling through the ventilation, looking for the password for the door, using the “pumped” lockpicking skill or turning into something small and getting through the gap – it’s up to you.

And, of course, the authors of Dishonored could not do without non-linearity, so to speak, moral. On the Talos, we will meet not only aliens, but also other survivors. And various interesting situations will be associated with them, suggesting a choice – to kill or act peacefully. If you wish, you can mow everything, including quest characters. Or, on the contrary, try to avoid battles altogether. The level of aggression, as in Dishonored, depends on the ending.

By the way, there is one interesting point here. The more often you use the abilities of the invaders, the more you yourself become like them. And it is highly likely that others will begin to take you for an alien, that is, they will run away, squeal and attack, forcing you to act more aggressively in situations where you may not have wanted to.

A side effect of using “alien” abilities.


Prey will have many more interesting things. A lot of different locations and types of opponents, the ability to move between the compartments of the station in open space (like in Dead Space, only more often and farther), elements of survival (for example, the hero can get hungry), interesting puzzles, for the solution of which you even need to synthesize your voice for a long time deceased person. Reading diaries and notes, signature for the “we also love System Shock” genre, will not go anywhere, from which you can get not only the heartbreaking details of some office romance, but also a couple of passwords. So this year, the spring holidays (the release of the game is scheduled for May 5) many of us risk spending not on the street, but on the Talos-1 space station. The main thing is that something doesn’t happen again and Bethesda doesn’t change its mind at the last moment, considering the project does not meet quality standards…

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