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A narrative that resonates: the tremendously well-liked RPG, Princess Be a part of, is true right here for a world viewers. Princess Be a part of! Re: Dive is obtainable worldwide! A blockbuster title that enveloped Japan and China with its success, the game arrives upon new shores as a consequence of an thrilling collaboration between Crunchyroll Video video games, Cygames, and GREE Leisure. Begin your journey all through the land of Astraea with Heroines!

Princess Connect Re Dive Mod APK 4.6.0 (Unlimited Gems)

please add the update inside the apk itself it won't work on my device. An over all fun game, but the large number of characters makes it hard to collect the ones you want.. Love the game more, the story is progressing.. The best gacha games for me. one of the best game i ever played <3. Gave up after 45 minutes of downloading every 5 minutes of game play.

I like this game very fun end cool. Had to edit my review because even though my account was linked to Google when I reinstalled the game on my new phone and loaded my Google account I was forced to start over. All time and money invested GONE. Thanks for stealing my money.. Thank you for having the characters greet me on my birthday! I enjoyed every single dialogues, it made me feel less alone. I can't believe it made me cry XD.. The music is exceptional, the visuals are breathtaking, the game play is engaging, I love all the characters, it's an incredibly well done game. One of my favorites. Highly recommended for fans of anime!. Until the game gets updated to work for Android 13 I'm completely locked out of playing, 2 weeks have gone by of progress halted because of this..

You should be thankful that it has an anime. If not I probably didn't try to play it. So far, since it's almost similar to blue archieve. I'll keep on playing it since princess connect the animated only has season 2, in the future i hope it will continue.. Very satisfying gameplay and just good gacha rates. A little grinding in item gain in upgrading characters and gets a bit expensive. But still worth playing for the great storyline.. Has a surprising amount of voice acting and writing, if very trope heavy. Has an expensive gatcha system, though with great patience you can free to play recognizing that limited release characters will overpower you in the pvp modes.. I've only played for about two weeks and I'm loving every minute of it. The show is also amazing!. Es de los mejores gachas que jugue, buena historia, jugabilidad entretenida, muchas waifus entraables y ademas son generosos con sus recompensas, haciendo que meter dinero al juego sea para apoyar a que siga existiendo en lugar de una obligacion para poder avanzar dentro del juego..

The battle arena is sucks evertime i go to fight other players i always see neneka everywhere in their team and it is too op even for the beginner. I'm a casual player that's been playing for a good year now. It's a great game! Cute characters and easy to follow gameplay. Pretty FTP friendly. My only big issue with this game is how slow the gatcha system is. There's only ever 1, a max of 2 characters in the limited banner at a time, and they stay for a good 2-3 weeks every time. If you aren't interested in the characters then the game can feel extremely slow at times! I wish they had more banners running simultaneously to pick up the pace!. Why are my victory rewards less in the battle arena? And sometimes don't get rewards from the battle arena.. Well, this is my most fav game, I usually never payed attention to mobile games since they seemed boring but, this, is a masterpiece like i used to just play pc games but now I can't stop playing this game once i open it and I'm addicted to it. Best game i've played in 2 years. def recommened checking it out but if u are the type of person who hates a bit of grinding, this game isn't for u, well that's all i wanted to say.. Had to give it a 1 star & edit my review because the "freeze issue" has not been resolved. First I can't access tower of luna & dungeon quest, now I can't access very hard quests even arenas. This is beyond frustrating it kept testing my patience. Plus, my tower of luna has not progress ever since. I did what you told me to do but it does not work at all. Please fix it..

After android 13 update , black screen happen a lot . Lately at night , i cant login the game. Please do something .. Very cute art style,good character,all the permanent chara are farmable, really nice for f2p,good game. This is exactly what I was looking for! This is the perfect idle game. I can complete all the daily missions gain a couple of levels, grab some gear and feel like I'm progressing the main story. The gatcha system is pretty good from what I have seen so far and the variety of character abilities and roles isn't too complex to enjoy playing. Highly recommend trying this out!. I like it and love it.. a week ago they suddenly restricted my account even though i only really do event dailies aand when i contacted support thet basucally shrugged their shoulders and said "sucks to be you". What a way to treat someone who regulalry bought your monthly pass and bought gems. 2 years of playing dowbxthe drain with no rationale or care. Edit in reply. I have contect your support link they gave me a copy and paste reason and shrugged their shoulders..

There's only one reason to play this, and it's the huge cast of characters. The gacha is a bit on the expensive and low-probability side, which is unfortunate as there are limited edition characters in the mix, and the gem drop rate is on the low side. I did find some of the writing amusing, like a "memory" where one of the girls says "Japanese phones are so advanced" when the American iPhone currently dominates the Japanese market.. It has good characters and equipment but i cant play it all it has too much gb to download my storage cant handle it but the story is good i feel like im reading a manga i just play 2 times but its just the tuturial after the tuturial it download again so i uninstalled it cause lack of storage but its a good game keep up the good work!. The games was so good, but sometime when buy the bargain, and re-log To the game, it will have a little delay, overall okay, drop rates is high. Great storylines, fast gameplay. I found this game through Valkyrie connect, maybe one day we could see a Collab between these two games. The animations are fantastic. Plenty of events to keep the game going. In my mind I do feel this more or less a solo type of game. It feels like your the only one playing the game..good tutorial for newbies to help get to grips with the menu and set up etc. After playing Valkyrie connect and princess connect re-dive, I truly feel like I'm enjoying anime. I did not ask for this game because it pops up in Google play store with out me requesting it,every day all day long.

I downloaded this about days ago now i am really enjoying playing this game thanks you for making this amazing game . This game is very epik and I love Saren(such a queen ) but the only thing i never liked about this game was the file downloading taking so long other than that great game . How do we know it's an online game?. I like this game so much. Very fun, drops are fair, play every day. Waifu's are great..

been a player since the beginning, and i love this game a whole lot.. forced dced.. no reason.. wifi sgnial i monitor actively.. no reason to be force signal cut. as it never dropped to begin with.. 3 options here verizon google or your servers.. to many middle men.. After the update a few days ago The game refuse to connect for me It disconnected in the main title page and keep getting stuck at 12.5% progress. There is a bug where the challengable teams disappear from the princess arena when you select them and then unselect them. It can leave you with no one to fight if you are a high rank.. Decent game with garbage arena system also early when I'm attacked on cb and got forced out because connection time I lose 1 attempt on atk very 2 disappointed.

Just meh. Graphics are way too good for what the game is, like annoyingly good. Gameplay is just weirdly boring. I love these kind of games too, but i tend to close this game after only a few minutes playing it. Something I really don't like about it. Maybe the cut scenes from the anime make it lame . A wash and repeat game. Idk if it's the characters that I already know so theres 0 excitement to see what characters there are.. This is a great game I got to level 70 today it's really a amazing game. Previous issues I have been having have been successfully resolved and I am now able to progress further, thanks for taking the time to fix it! Was unable to play for a good couple of months due to long loading screens and constant freezing. Now it's as crisp and smooth as when I first started. This is one of the few gotcha games I really enjoy, loads of content and easy to get right into. Plus the game rewards you, even when you aren't playing. Very generous system and very rewarding!. yeah this game good... but why sometime im just got kick after finished quest? but so far i give this 5 star hehe..... Interacting with Manga characters is ingenious. However, it would be nice to be part of the game as the actual character, Princess Knight. You know, like most RPG games do?.

Its so fun but I tried to update but then it takes forever and it finally updated in 2022 but either way it is still quite fun so 4 . Rates are too low for a game that doesn't give many gems in the first place.. I really like the game. More power to Crunchyroll Games devs. Can I suggest about your next game ? I hope its Uma Musume Pretty Derby.. Filled with lovely characters and a whole lot of charm, Priconne is a game that will be enjoyed for a veeeeeeeeeeery long time.. My fave mobile game.. It's art is lovely. The characters are cute. The story is actually satisfying and stays on point with its messages. And I couldn't ask more from it..

A fairly good waifu collection rpg, does have a tendency to drop connection after battles, sometimes this can cause you to loose rewards but not be refunded the energy/ticket/guild challenge charge, and I do feel having only a team of 5 is a bit of a waist as with just a small tweak to the team selection menus you could easily fit a 6th character slot, that would allow for better team balancing and creation. Drop rates on 3stars are a bit low, but I have seen much worse in other games.. Run out of stamina too quickly. "Gacha games are not your friend" is what I would normally say but this one is a little closer to being friendly than most if I'm going to be honest. Decent gacha income, good story & animated cutscenes, gameplay itself doesn't require too much out of you. Only drawback is maybe how far behind we are compared to JP server, there are just a lot of quality of life options that we will get really late.. I lost almost three years of progress and hard work to a recent update. Is it possible to recover everything?. Why bug? Cannot login many time..

>beat the ultimate, unkillable, omnipotent final boss of the game with a bunch of girls in their bikinis. 10/10 game.. Nice gacha game but the best that I have played so far! And since I watched the anime, the story felt really new and beautiful. Despite experiencing the harsh pity in this game, the rates are high definitely for duplicates, and f2p players should just choose where you use your jewels. Pvp is not p2w because it is not that big of a deal in the game but the clan battle is the most unique one i have seen. The UI is smooth and nothing is wrong with the game nor there are any bugs, jn my experience... percentage on 3* is super and extremely low. Hi! This game has been a blast but everytime maho is in my or in the opponent's team the game hangs for about 1 minute on the loading screen before entering battle. Please fix this issue, I hope you can fix it asap. Thanks!. Hi developers, im just updating my review, i really love the game and as usual, no issue at all. The christmas event was beautiful, especially the story, but why is there no yui kusano (new year) on the gatcha list .

The designers of this game decided it was a great idea to block all foreign internet from connecting to the game. Going on vacation? Guess you won't be opening the game the entire time. Way to go Crunchyroll, since this happens with ALL of your games I can only assume some overpaid office exec decided to mess over any actual fans of the game while floating in his gold coated wave pool.. Why am i keep getting connection timed out with good internet connection?. Amazing Character, Good Story and event. One of the best gacha games I've played. When i start playing Everytime maho in enemy team or my team whatever i start the battle that just my game crash please fix this..

I just want to be lucky. I'm a day 1 player and it has overall been a pleasant experience. It is a mostly hands-off auto battler. Main gameplay comes from team formation and skill timings. Progression is very straight forward with the level and gear system. Cygames always knocks it out of the park with art. Characters are wonderful. You will find one you like. Story and writing are nothing ground breaking, but enjoyable. Gatcha system is ok. It gets better. Overall if you want to pick up a 2nd gatcha this is perfect.. As far as gacha games this is by far the best one I've ever played. You can of course pay to catch up to other players but crunchyroll is very generous with the currency and free event characters in this game. You should very much give it a try and be paitent some of the story maps can be difficult without levels and gearing your main party!. Great characters and story but overall the powercreep and grinding have been scaling higher and higher and there's no way to keep up without spending money. No quality of life updates. Pvp is still a mess, even though they gave me a direct line of communication. I've been losing my love for this game and it's world. It's 2022 almost 2023 there's alot of competition out there now, take your money else where I have.. 10 out of 10 gatcha game will make you want to spend money to have fun, otherwise the game is dull, and it is very expensive I would stay away from it Nota good exchange rate for average Joe..

I love everything about this game. Thank you so much for developing it.. This game is great, stories, game styles and etc. i really like the game but the only annoying function in the game is the gacha drop rates, it is very low especially when there was a new character release and to be honest only P2W players can get the new character release without any sweat but most of F2P players are not eligible or had a very low chance and this is kinda annoying because spending months grinding jewels just for nothing, hoping that the drop rates changes to a higher chance.. It's a fun and great game, however the dungeons and the two arenas would just stop and hang, not letting me do anything and load the battles so I just get stuck and need to restart the game.. Thanks a bunch devs for paying attention to the comments, the game is smoother now compared to the previous updates. Though there's a bit of hiccup that I noticed about the "freeze loading screen". The freeze only happens in mobile data, while playing arena and p.arena. It never freezes in wifi though ( don't know about the others ). Well, the game is much better now. Tnx again, keep up the good work!. everyone is cute. and then watching the anime, its full of comedy and heartwarming. its same director as Konosuba.

The quality of the game is great. The cutscenes and the story are easily the best things about it. The girls are all cute, and even the protagonist (despite not being playable) is a cool character.. best gacha game ever!!, the rate up was incredibly helpful that u only need 300 pulls to get a new character. The graphics are amazing, the gameplay is nice and there are barley any bugs. They're also generous with the gems to pull on banners, occasionally even giving free 10 pulls.. Good storyline so far so good ; ). I just decided to go back to this game after a year or so but the old bug which I reported in the past is back again... That "Stuck in loading screen" in princess arena and dungeon I've already emailed you about this problem please fix this again I beg you as I'm currently trying to grind as fast as I can to catch with the current lvl cap.

So far okay no problem only problem is eminence of darkness game that game keep crashing until I Don want to play please fix it A to Z. Fair game for free to play players. Even though power creep does happen. The game updates older characters with possible upgrades to keep them viable and sometimes very powerful.. The game is fun for a bit but once you get to a certain point there is a massive reduction in resources play for several days and not getting hardly any crystals I suspect this is paywall to try to raise the incentive to purchase if you're free to play this game will only be fun for so long Imo.. Great story, Graphics, and Music. Only downside not enough gems to get all characters. Either that or my luck sucks sometimes... but I digress. Overall good game with generous rewards.. Not much to say other than I've had it since day 1 of global launch and have kept a consistent playtime. Yes a lot of times the game just becomes a "do daily quest and other small grind tasks then exit" thing but the game itself is amazing..

Pretty chill game to play so far. The combat system is relatively easy to understand. The characters have cute animations and storylines. The tutorials are not bothering the gameplay experience. I am still new to the game, so I expect to be stuck in progress in the future at some point. If you are going into this game, just know that this is Gacha and be careful with your spendings in this game, if you decide to spend at all.. New Google play games achievements when?. One of the best waifu simulator ever. Really good game, specially for JRPG players...... not for Stupid players who play PUBG OR VALORENT , cause it's a story based game but you dumbass don't know what a story in game is. Trash game trash rate up I'm not gonna change this, fak every meta unit in pity 300 fak u princess connect.

Nice game, I like the art style, voice acting & story the most.. Though the item grind is really hard.. I just wish there's a story summary of the prequel, before re:dive, it really seems really interesting after looking at wikis so I've been dying to find out any sources... Been playing the game since launch. Super enjoyable, characters are fun and cute. As mentioned in a previous review, they're pretty generous when it comes to handing out pulls. One of the few gachas where I feel the dailies are easily managed within about 15 mins, and really haven't spent anything to keep up with content.. Best bonsai gacha and its 100% f2p unlike other gachas out in the market. Why This Game Always Tell Me Connection Error Everytime I'm Clearing Quest My Connection Just Fine (Pls Fixed I Can't Play This Game Anymore). I just downloaded it and it takes sooo long to even get in the real game but the movies are interesting I just have one problem the long downloading, it takes time I know but I just lost some percentage and it's taking sooooo long like I said it's annoying please make it faster downloading data takes more time then getting in the game it's a good game tho it just takes time slow time I'm saying is please make it faster for beginners..

just perfect. Many girls to choose, amazing story, animated cut scenes and more, In short realy good game.. gacha rate for 3 star unit is trash!!!!. This game has brilliant story, video, music, characters, dorm system, etc. It is also very f2p friendly, with lots of free currency and pulls handed out. Unfortunately I do think there are areas where the game can be a bit taxing, and could do with some QoL improvements, e.g., the daily missions, dungeons, and pvp: I don't think that these mundane things we do daily should take as long as they do, or require us to go out of our way to complete... but these things do not overshadow all the good.. Downloads slow as hell initially, but the game itself is fine when you can eventually play it. Not really p2w as everything can be gained with enough time. Half the packs are pretty overpriced for what they give anyway.. Not going lie this game great however i wish they add button where u can download evrything like all the story's i dont care how much storage it takes because it gets boring when you wait for the story to download so u can watch it.

Princess connect over all is a very good, Price for jems is insane 1500 jems one 10 pull $25 us dollars is ridiculous. I've been playing this game for a long time so having almost all the characters unlocked and not getting much out of dups makes this game very frustrating if you have fomo don't get this game, but if you want a mindless game to grind and do clan battle it can be very fun. They need to have more free pulls available, enough events with jems but still a gacha game. . lindo, confortvel e divertido. s falta de ajustar a diferentes tamanhos de tela. o jogo fica com margens pretas no meu dispositivo.. As soon as it gets into the game you're required to download about 1.3 GB of data for the game to run. Then another 10 minutes after you start there's another 600 MB.. Fun game. Can't link my acc it keeps saying Itry again.. Terrible pull rates, expensive premium currency ruin what could have been the perfect gatcha game. So very disappointed..

Similar to Konosuba Fantastic Days but more contents and i hope you can increase the fps in main screen, not only in the battle. Thank you.. You have a good game i love it.*****. Being forced to pick a character on pity instead of getting in a few more pulls is a bad system. Also some characters getting weaker ad you power them up is bad. Other than those points the game is good.. Ever sinced i moved to japan, I recieve a network error and cannot play the game. this error has been going on for over a week now and desperately need assistance, as i am part of a guild and this may kick me. Currently bugged with insane amount of connection issues, kept disconnected while doing quests, upgrading characters and more. I'm using an Emulator to play, but the connection issue is bugging me so much I might stop playing for a while..

been enjoying this game for awhile, recommend it.

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