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Princess Salon: Frozen Party – welcome to the kingdom of ice and snow. You were invited by the princess herself, which stops you from accepting it and leaving immediately.

Princess Salon: Frozen Party Coupon Codes 1.2.2
List of Coupon Codes Expiration date
1HGDVIJE0KZ August 1, 2022
V6NCBRD34F August 20, 2022
HWI7OJRFA August 5, 2022
FIML8BEGRZS August 17, 2022
6948PORFHG1L August 11, 2022
S20PV8YLGJB July 28, 2022

A mysterious force sent the main character from the 21st century straight to the Middle Ages. Aria, that’s her name, was excited about this event. After going through difficulties and fun, she found herself near a magnificent ancient castle. She studied every door of the castle. What was waiting for her there? Download and find out with us. The princess invites you to a party. First you need to go through spa treatments, choose the best outfits and accessories to be in the spotlight. Save the best shots of the party, get acquainted with the real royal nobility, get additional bonuses.

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