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Experience one different stage of the New Participant-Care System! The character will include various current expressions throughout the battle. Background vivid expression and illustration! Modernized IDEL system – Auto expertise casting, Auto wanting, Auto gathering. Your character, on no account, stops rising! No need for 24 hours care. Please enable them to be an additional important day and night! Essentially the most appropriate alternative for Leveling and promoting all characters! Select a persona, do stage sharing and make your combination with a lot much less effort!

Princess Tale Mod APK 2.5.04 (Unlocked Everything)

I think it's a good game. There are so many cute princesses but it is a little buggy I can agree with that so like you can collect so many princesses me and my friend have so many princesses and we stay up all night playing it so download princess Tales today but it's still buggy. please fix character voice its repeating after casting ultimate and in the book section the sss hero profile gets replace by another slime profile but good game. i spent day and night i almost got no sleep playing this game and this happen your game is not loading its only stuck and not loading how do i supposed to enter the game please fix it after that ill change my star. A great game. Just not for me.. Currently crash when open. What the issue?.

crashes when i try to open it. Vajis at Jan Iranian KC Black Oak Jan la UC only deal sofa.. when l try to lag in it shot down and now l can't play it. hnh dng p ,vui nhng ti mun c th gp bn v c mt khu vt gp bn v nhng ngi khc khu cha 1000 ngi v thm 3 con mi vi t l 56% chng ta s bc phm qun diu h lu ,gi ,nc hay thm 1 con cng c mong cp nht nha ai ng d tay ngy 31/12 iu game ...................................... Crashes so much it becomes unplayable that even summoning can crash it..

Easy to play but i wanna play mini games whenever i want but still nice!. I can't understand and change the launguage. It's getting white now!!! Please fix it! This is why i can't play this game i uninstall it forever. . I honestly think it's pretty good tbh, it has allot of potential as long as y'all keep working on it, keep up the good work! Bc everything is so cute!. Old 5 star then turn in 1 star. Always tells me server error. Request failed due to unstable connection to the server..

this game just rips off stuff from other games, but way worse. And the AI behavior makes no sense. This game is fun I love the cute anime characters and the graphics . The game forces close. I was hyped to play the game and these happens?!. Setiap download dalam, selalu force close.. Its a really nice game i would recommend this to my friends.

It never load it just says network problem but my net is fine and the network problem think appear all the time pls fix it. So far so good,many freebie. The game is good in general. However, one strange thing is that you can make very decent progress in the beginning if you spend some money, but after several months I found spending money won't help anymore as the rewards are not enough for you to make any progress and I got stuck at one stage for almost one month. Some materials such as the ones for advancing normal and exclusive equipment can only be obtained through normal event, which stops me from further recharging.. These games need to stop the excessive dupes. game's good but time consuming. there are no skips at all and no battles that run in the background. makes it tiring at a certain point and slows progress. add skips for the tower, arena and guild boss at least..

Basically just an anime version of AFK arena . Fail initialize SDK. Im going to add stars when you fix it Edit. Game works fine. The main problem is... The game is dead. No one plays it. On european server i am almost alone. There are lots of guilds but almost all are empty and people are a year without logon. Lol... I like the game is easy to learn and fun to play when bored. Princess Tale is a good game to play the best game ever iam going to be give it 5 Stars . thisgame i like Have a good music I like it.

I like the Sky Maze, Mini Games, Illusion Trial. But I feel not satisfied. Thinking the game would be always the same. Finding something new. Since it just 600mb+. Maybe add some tower defence game? That we can play there too. There we can find something new. That would be more challenging. & Put skips from illustion trial & Tower. It's boring repeating it. Feels like taking much time from my short time.. Hello devs, please revert back to the old World Colosseum this new version is just for WHALE to compete. For some reason the screen loading is white? And it loads a really long time but my wifi is working please fix this issue. This game is awesome! Try this game and it's newbie friendly.. Wow afk arena rip off game!.

Fun game, I really like that all characters can be built into high rarity characters!. even time I go in after the loading screen not even two seconds and the game kicks me out or smth.. please fix this :(. It's a really cute game. Really easy to play lots to collect and is not one of those games where you petty much have to sign on every day. You also can play and level up fast with out having to buy a stuff.. Downloaded this game 2 times but the game doesn't even open.It gets stuck on the loading screen.. Its the best idle game ive ever played. BUT it keeps kicking me out of the game every 5-15 minutes, but still its a nice and fun game where anyone can play..

Actually, this is a good game after all, i really like it coz ez to lv up, F2P friendly, but i think it needs "next" Button for main story battle etc so i hope next update will add this button, keep up the good work dev team!. App guard shutting down the app. No explanation. Makes absolutely no sense not to mention that it's a shady practice violating privacy if app without your permission is spying on your system and scanning things around. Avoid. Easy to upgrade star hero. Nice game and more reward. This game is quite good and enjoyable, the only downside is that the rate of getting elite princess in the attic is so low. I spent like 21k star and didnt get anything even legendary items.... nice AFK game, easy to understand, straight forward farming, ideal for new and experienced gamers..

I love it! Got no complaints at all! Ty for this wonderful game and art.. So far the best idle game I've ever played It's so fun with actually a lot of features that it never gets boring while waiting. U don't have 2 wait so long 2 level up n u don't start with trash heroes like other games so progressing at start isn't as hard, it's just the right amount of hard in which u don't have 2 wait 4 crazy long times n at the same time there's some kind of a challenge. Not 2 mention the storyline is quite unique.. This game is very fun and I can spend all day playing it . in short it's an idle game, tho idk why but i do like this more than the others. Good artwork, quite generous and you can get a character you like in the tavern although it costs more, it's just it gets boring (like other idle games for me) the more you play but if you like idle game, i do recommend this. I haven't found any bugs or glitches so that's a plus, the download took a while at the start but idk if that's my connection or the game has that problem but overall, quite good. you can't win so many new princesses they're all so cute download princess Tales today all of them are so so cute.

More guild content such as guild buff and guild research.Add more unique charcters.. I LIKE THE GAME! More events please! More codes! More girls! More prizes to help me go through the game.. Half of the "epic" units are useless. Also the epic drop is very rare, you can expect multiple 10-pulls and you get no epic unit. The game lacks event and progress are extremely slow. AFK arena is still way better. The only good thing is the character art but even the design are easily forgettable.. Please make it so we can skip guild boss fight it takes forever to sit there and watch it at if not at least let us turn off character animation so its faster. simple , facil de aprender y usa muy poco de tu tiempo en el juego y con eso ya progresa casi solo..

warming music and cute princess. great combination.. the games painfully mediocre, if you've played any other afk/idle game you've played this game. there's genuinely no reason to play this game over other idle games, besides maybe the character design but even that is mediocre. overall very uninspired and there's nothing special about it. it's like if you got an ai to play mobile legends adventure, idle heroes, afk arena, and princess connect, then told the ai to make a game based on its experience.. Still early on in the game. I like the concept will edit after more game time to see if I hit that famous paywall. AFK Arena-like with actually really good summon rates and neat designs!. I love the concept of the game. The characters are adorable, but for some reason it keeps kicking me out of the game. Fix this and I'll change my rating..

Essentially an AFK Arena clone with an emphasis on female units. It's fine for what it is in the game play department. Nothing new or unique in my opinion. However my issue with the game is the constant crashing. I've played games with better graphics and a larger file size with more effects on screen that don't crash at all. Because of that and the fact that there's nothing new here for me, I'm going to opt out.. It's cute but a bit busy. WOOOOH IM BACK, For years of not playing Finally found it again. Fun game , gets a little tedious sometimes but still pretty good. Returned after a hiatus and the game is still going strong! Lots of things to do and updates, even for small spenders like me :).

Game is ok, it's just too slow and boring. The difference of this game and other games like mythic heroes is huge. And the game modes is not really my type of thing.. So Far, I really like it! Same concept like every other game but it has its own uniqueness! Job well done! I could see myself playing this game forever lol. im sorry but this game is a copy of afk arena i mean the art is beautiful but this game a copy tho. This game is good, but if you're asking why I rate this a 1 star? It's because it's a copy of afk arena. This game could be amazing and good if it isn't a copy. You guys are so generous,Happy 1st anniversary.

Great time sink and super cute. It's a good game and I really like it. What bothers me the most is how the game crashes whenever I play for longer periods. I hope this gets fixed since I don't think it's a problem that I'm facing alone.. I'm still new. i like it though.. I think this game has some problems. But I must need to say that it is a great.. Imagine caring about the "fTp eXpErIeNcE". No thanks. I'm here to actually support the devs. I understand they need to make money. Being ftp is cringe af. Case in point: The Ambush review below...

Game is fun to play and good if you really dont care too much and waste time. Not so good if you invest time and money.. often has new bugs, existing bugs not fixed, unfair promotion system, broken censor software, poor language translation and starting to get confusing with poorly implemented mini games and enhancements.. your choice really. I like the graphic and the gameplay. The character design is great, not too sexy but proportional. The game mechanics is simple and the developer is very generous. Thanks a lot for anyone who make and helped this game move on.. first impression for this game from me is this game is pretty. BTW that afk arena they copy the game but make it trash . One Star because the summon is trash the only game that getting a purple is 1/100 not funny. Make the summon better. And I have five s team I lose in the story line because the time end.. excellent to very good game. to fair (summing different heros) but other then that small nitpick, I'm cool with this game..

Great game, waifu material , I Love this game . In short this is a pretty good idle game, in fact it's the kind of idle rpg that puts me in a good mood If you know what I mean.. nice game! prettty character and f2p friendly.

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