News - Updated on March 28, 2022

This week the Epic Games Store is giving away In Sound Mind – horror from the first person, made by the studio We Create Stuff. The distribution will last until March 24, 18:00 Moscow time. Later, horror will be replaced by juicy pinball Demon’s Tilt.

In Sound Mind will take players to a strange building in which the main character’s office is located. He turns out to be a therapist and, as he explores locations, he will encounter his patients. Moreover, doors somehow appear in the building leading to the apartments of his wards. Records of therapy sessions are stored in each of the rooms, and after they are discovered, distorted versions of patients begin to chase the hero. The protagonist needs to understand the reasons for what is happening, armed with ingenuity and a flashlight.

Horror received the following ratings:

  • Steam – 95% positive reviews.

Users praise the plot and presentation, in which inexplicable horror and black humor coexist at the same time. I also liked the puzzles and action, but what let us down was the optimization. The game supports Russian.

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