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PUBG MOBILE LITE is a “lite” version of the “royal battle” PUBG, which has already managed to win millions of fans around the world. The developers have made some changes to the client so that you can comfortably play on budget devices with a not very powerful graphics core and a small amount of RAM.

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4XOIJW5183F April 19, 2023
Q243M5V7G9 May 4, 2023
CALFPS85E April 23, 2023
HRZUQJ4C3NF April 14, 2023
HU759QV4NCEW March 21, 2023
PEXY5T96RF4 April 12, 2023
R0AQFP1H6BX April 19, 2023
VAL9FYNHEI March 26, 2023
5S127BZP0 April 20, 2023
SD57V3G8UWO April 21, 2023
IXUONSKFAD65 March 11, 2023
KYG6HLT2EAX April 12, 2023

The main difference between PUBG MOBILE LITE and the full version is the map. Firstly, its size has become smaller – only 2 by 2 kilometers. Secondly, the number of players on the map has been reduced, the battles here are held with the participation of 40 fighters. However, these changes did not have a negative impact on the gameplay – the competition remained just as exciting and dynamic.
In terms of graphics, PUBG MOBILE LITE has also been slightly simplified to maintain a comfortable frame rate on devices with low performance. Nevertheless, the visuals look quite decent, because the same Unreal Engine 4 is used here. The sound effects remain the same realistic, providing complete immersion in the gameplay.
In PUBG MOBILE LITE, all aspects of the gameplay of the full versions are preserved: here you will find the same realistic weapons and equipment, vehicles are also preserved. The behavior of weapons and physics in general remained unchanged. If you have already played PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS on other platforms, you will not feel much difference, the developers have put maximum effort into this.
Management in PUBG MOBILE LITE has all the advantages of the full version of the mobile client. There is a quick collection of valuable loot, and a convenient change of weapons, and automatic installation of improvements. The interface has also remained the same, including the much-loved ability to see in which direction the members of the squad are and the distance to them.
PUBG MOBILE LITE also has all the usual online components, including player ratings, several different battle modes, cases, in-game voice chat to communicate with friends, and an anti-cheat system. It is also worth noting that the developer periodically updates the game, so that in the future it will become even more diverse and interesting. Peculiarities:

  • Version of PUBG MOBILE for budget devices with low performance.
  • Map 2 by 2 km for 40 players.
  • Decent graphics thanks to Unreal Engine 4.
  • The same gameplay as in versions of the game for other platforms.

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